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Maths Week 2021


October 18th – October 22nd

Rang 6

Rang 6 took part in a maths trail on the Astro-Turf to solve the Mystery of the Locked Cupboard. They also used the Izak-9 cubes and completed maths challenges throughout the week. In art they created Fraction Portraits in preparation for starting their fractions unit next month.

Senior Infants

Senior Infants looked for real life examples of 3D shapes and used different shapes and building materials for construction.

Junior Infants

Due to the bad weather Junior Infants had to move their shape hunt from the school garden into their classroom. They still had lots of fun finding all the 2D shapes hidden around the room.

1st and 2nd class

1st and 2nd classes completed maths trails on the main yard. Using their orienteering skills from PE they followed a map to find all of their maths questions hidden around the yard. Well done everyone!

First class also used marshmallows and toothpicks to build their own 2d shapes.