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Parents Maths Booklet

Dear parents,

We are delighted to be able to provide you with this booklet which will hopefully assist you in helping your child with their maths homework. These are useful tips which you can try out during the daily routine outside of school. We have also provided the step by step approach and the vocabulary we use when teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

 PM1 _ Maths at Home

 PM2 _ Addition for Junior Classes (JI – 2nd)

 PM3 _ Subtraction for Junior Classes (JI – 2nd)


 PM4 _ Addition for Senior Classes (3rd – 6th)

 PM5 _ Subtraction for Senior Classes (3rd – 6th)

 PM6_Introducing Tables (3rd)

 PM7_Short Multiplication (3rd – 6th)

  PM8_Long Multiplication (4th – 6th)

  PM9 _ Short Division (3rd – 6th)

 PM10 _ Long Division (5th – 6th)