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Third Class 2 (Ms. Connor)

Third Class 2

Welcome to our class page

We are so happy to have the children back in Harold’s Cross National School.

You can have a look at what we get up here on our page!


Term 2

We are reading the wonderful novel, ‘Mr. Stink’ and we looked at the character traits in our drama lesson.


Look at our beautiful artwork that Ms. Clarke did with us.

Here are our Frida Kahlo self-portraits.


Look at our fantastic bee colony!

We celebrated Earth Day with some fabulous artwork.



Static Electricity









If you could invent your own mode of transport, what would it be? Rang a 3 have been busy creating their on new modes of transport. Have a look.





Rang a 3 have been investigating which materials will dissolve/ will not dissolve in water! They also looked at colour mixing and colour obsorbing. They completed a numbe of experiments including: Rainbow Colour mixing experiment, Slime Experiment, Lava Lamp experiment, Fizzy Colours experiment, Coloured Celery experiment. Maith sibh gach duine!


“The time will come when man will know even what is going on in the other planets and perhaps be able to visit them.” – Henry Ford

Here are some of the wonderful SESE projects the children have been working hard on under this month. Their inspiration was the theme, ‘The Solar System’.
















Term 1



Here are some of our amazing attempts at creating Happy Harry for orienteering!



We are enjoying our weekly lessons with Mark the Archaeologist. Here we are looking at artefacts!



Here we are doing a mini-dig 🙂


We painted portraits and added positive affirmations to make people happy! In case you needed a reminder, you are amazing 🙂



Friendship Week

Here are our lovely friendship fish.



Where would you bring Mona Lisa to make her smile?





October Awards

Well done to this months award winners!  For her always being so enthusiastic, for his great behaviour and her excellent participation in reading!



Investigating sound 



We are so happy to have Jonathan back with us doing fundamental movement as part of our Games strand.


Look at the lovely clay pots that we made.


We are enjoying our weekly lessons with Mark the Archaeologist. Here we are building huts.

November Awards

Well done to this months award winners! 


For working hard to improve behaviour, for super effort made in Maths and for excellent effort in Irish!!


Christmas Show

Seo muid go léir ag rá our lovely Christmas poems.

Grúpa Oráiste

Grúpa Dearg

Grúpa Gorm

Grúpa Glas

Grúpa Dubh

Grúpa Buí

Christmas Art

Here are our wonderful Christmas scenes.




Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl


Initially some confusion over suspicious food on the astro…


and then…


December Assembly Award Winners