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Third Class 1 (Ms. Brannigan)

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Welcome to our class page. Make sure to check in throughout the year and take a look at all the activities we have been up to in 3rd Class 1.

Class Notes:

  • Our current PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure PE tracksuits and runners are worn on these days.
  • This year our classroom is Room 1.
  • Our class starts at 8:15am, please make sure you are in class on time.



The children In 3rd Class 1 have been doing countdown as part of their mental maths time. One very tricky challenge arose and the children asked me to post it here to see if the parents could solve it! Our closest answer in class was 176!
Here it is…

This month in science we have been learning about Renewable Energy. We learned that renewable energy is made from resources that nature will replace, like wind, water and sunshine. Wind turbines are machines that change the energy in wind into mechanical or electrical energy. Windmills are examples of wind turbines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy. We talked about how
the blades turn on a pinwheel and the similarities between a pinwheel and a turbine. The children then designed their own pinwheels. Once outisde they evaluated their pinwheel and made some adjustments. Take a look at our work below.


We have started archeology lessons in 3rd Class 1. Last week we learned about the job of an archaeologist and what an artefact is. Then we went to the HCNS Viking house to explore its features. Finally, it was time for our ‘Big Dig’. Our dig area was divided up into a grid and each group worked on a different section. Take a look at what we found…


Oral Language, SPHE & Drama

We played some oral language games to share our likes, dislikes and opinions. We also worked on our improvisation skills in our drama lesson.


Physical Education

We are working on the Outdoor and Adventure strand in PE. In this lesson, the children worked together to collect a range of symbols and matched these using a key. The children then used the key to create a playground map.