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Third Class 1 (Mr. C. Rowan)

Fáilte go Rang a Trí (1)
Mr. Rowan 
Welcome to our class page!

Important Notes:

  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday for November and December. On these days we need to wear our school tracksuit and runners. On the other days we must wear our full school uniform.
  • If you have any questions big or small please do not hesitate to contact me at mr.c.rowan@haroldscrossns.ie

October 2023 


Some fantastic costumes and artwork for Hallowe’en this year!

Visit from News2Day

On 23rd October RTÉ’s News2Day came into to see us at our Viking house. Check out the report using the link below!


Touch Typing

Everyone practicing their typing skills on the Chromebooks.


The students of Rang 3 showing off their fantastic archery skills!

Friendship Week

As part of Friendship Week, Rang 3 all traced their hands and passed them around the classroom, with each student writing a compliment about them on it.


September 2023 

History: Monastic Sites

Each table designed the site of their very own historic monastery this month – complete with graveyards, churches and round towers.

Science: Materials

Rang 3 have learning about different types of materials for science this month. We did an experiment to see which the bounciest ball is, making sure to bounce each one under the exact same conditions.

History: Archaeology







Nollaig Shona Duit!

Christmas/Winter Art

  • Reindeer Art
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Snow Globes
  • 3D Paper Snowflakes

Hot Chocolate Party

World Cup 2022

There was a lot of enthusiasm and interest in Third Class (1) as the 2022 World Cup got underway in Qatar. Each pupil was assigned a country and completed a project on their specific country. Take a look at how the project turned out!

Class outing to the National History Museum

After studying Archeology at the start of the year, the pupils got the opportunity to go to the National History Museum to undertake a guided Archeology tour. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience, they travelled in on the public bus and had lunch at the St. Stephens green. Have a look at what they did!




Robotics Workshop (STEM)
3rd Class (1) were extremely fortunate to undertake a Robotics workshop (STEM). The construction and operation of a chainsaw were completed by students working in pairs.


Students participated in Zumba for four consecutive weeks with Audrey. Take a look at some of our dance moves!


Oíche Shamhna

Halloween Art

Pupils created Halloween Silhouettes, Skeletons & Tie-dye Pumpkins. Take a look at their art pieces below!


Maths Week 2022

During Maths week pupils engaged in a variety of Maths stations and Maths Trails. The activities at the Maths Stations included;

  • Place value dice game
  • Sorting and matching activities on the topics covered in previous two months
  • Mosaic colouring challenges
  • Word problems challenge cards

Take a look below to see how hard the pupils worked during Maths week!

Maths Stations

Maths Trail

School Garden

3rd class took a trip to the school garden. Pupils were divided up into four groups, each group was given a bed to weed and prepare them for planting next month.

Science Experiment: Paper Helicopter (Force & Energy)

PE: Orienteering

The strand orienteering has been a focus for 3rd Class pupils. Check out the pictures of the students building “Funny Faces” and “Team Relay” below.

Friendship Week Tree

History: Archeology


September 2022


Touch Typing

Pupils in Rang a Trí were introduced to touch typing using Chrome Books. Pupils practice touch typing once a week. Here they are in action!


History: Archeology

Rang a Trí are undertaking a 8 week workshop with Mark from The School of Irish Archeology which commenced on 16th September.

16th September

During the first session pupils undertook a mini dig workshop where they learned all about the different types of artefacts. Following this, pupils worked in groups to construct a passage tombstone with a light box using Newgrange as a stimulus. Pupils really enjoyed their first workshop. Here they are in action!


23rd September

Pupils second session involved heading out to the ‘Big-Dig’ area in our school to excavate the site. We really enjoyed it. Take a look at all the artefacts we discovered!


30th September

Take a look at our Neolithic pinch pots. We really enjoyed making them.


In September, pupils participated in a range of art lessons that related to their academic work and the school’s overarching theme of ‘Architecture’. These activities included self-portraits, Gothic buildings, Wassily Kandinsky-inspired autumn trees and Georgian houses.
Take a look at our finish masterpieces below!


Georgian Houses

Gothic Buildings


Wassily Kandinsky-inspired Autumn Trees



Outdoor and Adventure: Photostar Orienteering