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Third Class 1 (Ms. Brannigan)

Third Class (1)

Welcome to our class page. We are so happy to have the children back in HCNS.

Please take a look at what we have been up to in 3rd Class 1.


Our Class Trip to Bushy Park


Planting in the garden and learning about the nettle.


Art: Creating with clay

This month our art topic was ‘Developing form in clay’. We designed our own clay pots using a pinching technique. We also planned and created an individual clay design. Take a look at our finished work below.



Athletics- Running over hurdles

Games- Tennis



Improvisation and Hot-seating activities 


Science Week 2021

We had a very busy science week. In our first workshop we explored different light sources and how light travels. We also observed how different colours can be created by mixing light. On Wednesday, we created some circuits, adding motors and light bulbs to make them more complex. On Thursday we learned all about the ear & talked about how sound travels. Lastly, on Friday we took part in a Kahoot Science Quiz. Well done to 3rd Class 1 for securing 5 spots on the top 10 scoreboard! (See photo below!)



In PE this month we have been working on the strands ‘Athletics’ and ‘Games’. We are developing many important skills including, baton changeover techniques, reaction sprints & jumping. Take a look at some of our PE lessons below.


Cluichí sa rang chun an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn! Táimid ag foghlaim faoi- An Aimsir.

Maths Games to work on our multiplication skills.


In science we have been learning about different materials and how they can be changed by heating, cooling & dissolving. In our pods, we came up with some testable questions. Once we carefully carried out our experiment, we observed the changes after different periods of time. Later, we decided if these changes were reversible or irreversible.




This month, we worked really hard on our Christmas play. Enjoy!

December Awards

Good focus in lessons. Improved participation in Gaeilge and Maths, for her terrific effort and expression            when reading our class novel and also a clear, articulate presentation of her ‘Sweden’ project and his                superb effort rehearsing our school play and learning his lines. 

November Awards

For her great enthusiasm & participation in Irish & PE, for his excellent effort in Maths, for her superb work in the First steps writing plans!!

Happy Halloween 🎃

October awards

Well done to this months award winners!  For working so hard with his Irish and handwriting, for her enthusiastic, positive, problem solving attitude and for giving a 100% in all his lessons.


We created these Halloween Masks 🎃🎭

First, we planned our mask designs on a piece of paper. Then we carefully sketched our designs out using a pencil. After that, we began painting our designs with a thin paintbrush. Lastly, we added some finishing touches like feathers and sequins.

PE- Orienteering

We have been developing our orienteering skills and learning about map symbols & keys.

English-Report Writing

We used the iPads and our safe search engine ‘Kiddle’ to research information about frogs. We used bullet points to recordbresearch notes in our plan. We later transferred our notes into full sentences and completed a frog report in our copies.

Úr an Gaeilge- Bí ag scríobh!


In history, we have been learning all about archaeology. We completed a mini-dig in our classroom and then used our excavation skills to take part in a ‘big dig’ outside. We gathered all our artefacts and discussed what they were used for in Viking times.



  • We carried out a science experiment to investigate our own hand hygiene and the importance of washing our hands correctly with soap and water.
  • We made predictions about what will happen to our different samples.



  • We carried out some “Getting to know you” activities to find out about our similarities and differences.
  • We also shared information about our Summer break and the places we visited.