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Third Class 1 (Ms. Brannigan)

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Welcome to our class page. Make sure to check in throughout the year and take a look at all the activities we have been up to in 3rd Class 1.


Class Notes:

  • Our PE days for term 3 will continue to be Monday and Friday. Please ensure PE tracksuits and runners are worn on these days.
  • This year our classroom is Room 1.
  • Our class starts at 8:30am. Please make sure you are in class on time.
  • Click here to watch our Christmas play
  • Take a look at our Seachtain na Gaeilge events here 

Science Week 4th-8th April 2022

We really enjoyed HCNS Science week this year.

First we continued our investigation on electricity and electrical circuits. We discovered how batteries work by storing chemical energy and converting it into electrical energy. The chemical reactions in a battery involve the flow of electrons from one material (electrode) to another, through an external circuit. The flow of electrons provides an electric current that can be used to do work for example power a motor or light a lightbulb. We created our own circuits and showed them to 4th class (2).


We also created our own batteries using copper coins and investigated which material created the best battery. We tested the voltage of our battery using a voltmeter and then ranked our batteries.


Forensic science mystery 

During Science week 3rd Class 1 went to the hall to solve a crime- Who stole the precious diamond?

The children needed to use their skills of observation to collect clues including fingerprints, footprints and DNA. We enjoyed learning about how forensic science is used to help solve crimes.

PE -Gymnastics warm-ups to develop strength and balance

Maths in February

Skip counting and number sequences to develop multiplication and division skills.

2D and 3D shape work.


Materials and Change

Over the month of January, 3rd class 1 have been investigating the properties of different materials. We made predictions, justified our reasons and carried out fair tests. Some properties we investigated included testing whether a material is waterproof, non-waterproof, absorbent, soluble or insoluble. We then explored heating and cooling, investigating which type of chocolate melts the quickest.


SPHE- Friendship Week

We celebrated Friendship week this month. During this important week we learned about some things that we can do to be a good friend. We also brainstormed what ingredients are needed for a positive friendship. In groups, we wrote ‘Friendship Soup’ recipes and used tissue paper to create different ingredients. Then we shared our recipes with our classmates.
In our next lesson, we created a friendship web. We spoke about how friends often have things in common or similar likes/dislikes. Each child shared their fact, like/dislike and threw the ball of wool to a classmate with a shared opinion. We discovered that we have so many things in common in 3rd Class 1! Lastly, we played some cooperative games in PE using the parachute. We really needed to work as a team and communicate clearly in order to achieve each task. It was a fun week!




In Geography, we are learning about the region of Scandinavia. Using the i-pads and our classroom atlases, we researched the three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We found their location in Europe on our maps. Then we drew each country’s flag and used the safe search engine ‘Kiddle’ to look up different information about each country including- currency, language and food. In our next lesson, we used the app ‘Book Creator’ to create an e-book based on one Scandinavian country. The children did a fantastic job!


 Happy Halloween from 3rd Class 1

To celebrate the spooky season we created Halloween masks and took part in some Halloween drama task-card activities.




Take a look at our 3rd class 1 musicians below, trying out a range of different musical instruments including, triangles, shakers, drums and many more! We followed our Dabbledoo clock to perform as a class. Then we planned and designed our own musical instruments. This linked really well to our science lessons, as we have been learning how sound travels. We know that sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. These vibrations create sound waves which move through mediums such as air, water and wood. When an object vibrates, it causes movement in the particles of the medium. This movement is called sound waves and it keeps going until the particles run out of energy.





This month in science we have been learning about Renewable Energy. We learned that renewable energy is made from resources that nature will replace, like wind, water and sunshine. Wind turbines are machines that change the energy in wind into mechanical or electrical energy. Windmills are examples of wind turbines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy. We talked about how
the blades turn on a pinwheel and the similarities between a pinwheel and a turbine. The children then designed their own pinwheels. Once outisde they evaluated their pinwheel and made some adjustments. Take a look at our work below.

History Topic for Term 1: Archeology

We have started archeology lessons in 3rd Class 1. Last week we learned about the job of an archaeologist and what an artefact is. Then we went to the HCNS Viking house to explore its features. Finally, it was time for our ‘Big Dig’. Our dig area was divided up into a grid and each group worked on a different section. Take a look at what we found…


Oral Language, SPHE & Drama

We played some oral language games to share our likes, dislikes and opinions. We also worked on our improvisation skills in our drama lesson.


Physical Education

We are working on the Outdoor and Adventure strand in PE. In this lesson, the children worked together to collect a range of symbols and matched these using a key. The children then used the key to create a playground map.