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Sixth Class 2 (Ms. Moriarty)

Fáilte go Rang a Sé (2)


Items to note:

  • Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure PE tracksuits and runners are worn on these days. 

November 2021

Check back during the month to see all our great work, including:

Gaeilge: Ar Scoil (at School)


We had a great day trying to use Irish in every subject. We ending the day with a Kahoot! quiz against the other 6th class via Google Meet!

SESE: Northern Ireland, The Troubles, Energy and Forces: Light / Photosynthesis

We have spent a lot of time this month working on our Photosynthesis explanation Movies. We gathered all of our information about photosynthesis from different sources to write an explanation text in our pods. Each pod then used i-Movies to create a movie of their explanation.

English: Class Novel: The Twelfth Day of July; explanation writing

Maths: Fractions and Decimals

Art: Portraits

PE: Games (Movement Skills) and Dance

We have been working on our passing and catching skills this month. (Thanks to Lauren for all of the action shots!)

#GAGA on November 24th

SPHE: Stay Safe Programme

October 2021


Gaeilge: Sa Bhaile (At Home)

SESE: Civil Rights in the USA, Fair Trade, Native Irish Plants and Animals

Fair Trade visitors for Hot Seating in Drama

We joined a Zoom call with our MEP – Barry Andrews. He told us all about working for the European Union and answered lots of questions for us.

English: Narrative Writing: Ghost Stories!

Maths: Long Multiplication, Long Division, 2D shapes and MATHS WEEK!

We had a lot of fun during Maths week this year. We went on a Maths Trail around the astro-turf, used the Izak 9 cubes and played lots of different maths games. We also practiced some Bebras challenges in preparation for the official Bebras Challenge next month!

Art: Portraits & Friendship Bracelets

Our Tim Burton style Self-Portraits

PE: Outdoor and Orienteering / Tennis

SPHE: Stay Safe Programme/ FRIENDSHIP WEEK!


September 2021

Gaeilge: Mé Féin (Myself)

Practicing our Mé Féin comhrá and our Mé Féin essays display

SESE: The Native Americans, USA, The Immune System and Green Schools

Our USA States Flipbooks are finished. (Thank you Marcus for making the display!)

Maths: Maths Orienteering Challenge and Data/ Time Challenges

Art: Portraits, Native American dreamcatchers

PE: Outdoor and Orienteering/ Tennis

Tennis with Stephen. We have been working on our forehand and backhand strokes and rallying.