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Second Class 2 (Ms. S. Kirrane)

Fáilte go Rang a Dó (2):

Important Notes:

  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday for Term 3. On these days we need to wear our school tracksuit and runners. On the other days we must wear our full school uniform.


Print Museum Tour:

On Friday, 19th May, we had a fantastic day at the Print Museum. The children really enjoyed the bus trip and they had lots of fun engaging on the tour. They learned a lot of History on printing which connected to our S.E.S.E subjects. They got to design and print their own hats and posters.




































World Book Day:

World Book Day was on the 2nd of March. We had lots of fun reading and listening to books. We designed book marks and our own book covers. We listened and sang to songs on World Book Day. Students and teachers dressed up as their favourite book character and prizes will be given to the top 3 from each class! Here are some photos of the fabulous costumes:































Water Competition:

The Green Schools Committee have a arranged for the school to enter a Save Water Poster Competition. Here are some of our entries. I can’t wait to see who wins!











We made bookmarks to use in our Advanced Reading books.









Friendship King and Queen:

Congratulations Callan and Ruby who were our Friendship King and Queen for Wellbeing Week.











Wellbeing Week:

Our Wellbeing Week took place from 30th January to 3rd February. We did lots of different activities such as yoga, meditation, colouring and we had rewards for kindness and paying each other compliments.

We also had a magician on Friday.

These are photos of Mindfulness Activities. In this we complete Butterfly Breathing, Jellyfish Breathing, Bird Breathing and Elephant Breathing.


Advanced Reading:

Congratulations to 2nd Class (2) on completing their first term of Advanced Reading. In particular, a big congratulations to Roman and Daniel who reached their target number of books with an accuracy of 85% or more on the quizzes.










Merry Christmas:

Santa came to visit Harold’s Cross National School!

2nd Class (2) and Ms. Kirrane would like to wish you all a big Happy Christmas! 🙂 Best wishes for the New Year.















Today we made Christmas biscuits:

  • We creamed the sugar into the margarine
  • We kneaded the flour into this mix
  • We added some milk
  • We flattened the pastry
  • We used our Christmas shape cutters to make the biscuits!






































Christmas Play:

We had lots of fun preparing for our Christmas Nativity – ‘Lights Camel Action.’ We hope you all enjoyed it!





























Polar Bear Landscapes:

Take a look at our arctic inspired polar bear landscapes. We even added cotton wool for a real affect.







Winter Art:

We designed our own snow globes for the class.








Irish Dancing:

We are very lucky to have a trained Irish Dance teacher come into us every Wednesday to teach us some Irish Dancing! These are some pictures of the children being taught their 1, 2, 3s!

















Art – Architecture:

In art this term we have been exploring the whole school focus on Architecture. We explored James Rizzi’s Cityscapes and then created our own Rizzi inspired Georgian houses.







Print Art:

The children had lots of fun making leaf print art with paint.



Halloween Week:

Hope you enjoy our Oíche Shamhna video:


This week we had lots of fun for Halloween. We made pumpkin candle holders from clay and painted them. We also designed and painted our own Halloween masks. The children had lots of fun dressing up.

























Happy Halloween:






PE- Tennis/Outdoor and Adventure:
Rang a Dó are really enjoying their PE session every Friday with tennis coach Stephen. They have been working on their forehand, backhand skills and their ball handling.

Maths Games:

Learning about tens, units and hundreds during Maths Week.


October P.E:

We have been completing Orienteering in P.E these past few weeks. Today, we mapped some funny faces.


September Art:                                                                                                                      Self Portraits: 2nd Class (2)

The girls and boys had lots of fun drawing and colouring their names for their new classroom.