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Second Class 1 (Ms. E. Lowe)

Fáilte go Rang a Dó (1) 

Welcome to our class page!!

Please check in regularly to see what we get up to during the year. Note: Change in PE days to Wednesday and Friday.  On these days please ensure that school tracksuits and runners are worn.


December 2022

Festive Fun in Second Class 1

Second Class 1 had great fun this month preparing and performing our Christmas Play ‘Ralph the Reindeer’. All the boys and girls learned their lines really well and we hope you enjoyed our performance. We also had a big surprise when Santa came to visit and we did some lovely Christmas artwork. We welcomed our new classmate Marcel and we hope he will be very happy in our school. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we will see you all again in 2023.

November 2022

Power Hour Gaeilge 

Power Hour Gaeilge
Déantar briathar amháin gach seachtain agus cuireann na páistí an briathar sin san Aimsir Chaite. Cruthaíonn siad abairtí ag úsáid an briathar sin. Tagann Múinteoir Mulderrig agus Múinteoir Deane isteach chun fónaic agus léitheoireacht a dhéanamh. Maith sibh a pháistí! Sár-obair!

In Maths this month we have been working on comparing equivalent and non-equivalent sets 0-20 using the symbols <, >, =. We are also learning about ‘Money’ recognising, exchanging and using coins up to the value of 50 cent. 


October 2022

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh ó Rang a Dó (1)🎃👻

Spooktacular Fun in Second Class 1


We have worked really hard on our spellings/litriú this month. Every week we complete lots of enjoyable spelling activities. Our favourite spelling challenge is called “Word Wipe Out!” Ms. Lowe has been very impressed with our hard work and spelling test results. 


Maths Week
Rang a Dó (1) had ‘SUM’ fun as they enjoyed lots of activities for Maths Week 2022. The boys and girls went on a Maths trail around the school grounds and solved lots of Maths problems. We also played a variety of Maths games in class such as “Guess my Number”, Place Value Challenge and Mangahigh.


The children worked together using a map and key to create a ‘Funny Face’. We discussed the various symbols on the map and how to use the key. This activity helped develop our spatial awareness. Here we are busy at work!


Friendship Week
Second Class (1) really enjoyed celebrating Friendship Week. Each morning we discussed a friendship quotation. We read a story called “How Full is your Bucket?” by Carol Mc Cloud and discussed it together. We brainstormed the qualities of a good friend. The “Secret Friend” activity was so much fun. Each member of the class was given a piece of paper and the name of a classmate who was to be their secret friend. They then wrote something complimentary about that person. To complete the activity, the children really enjoyed guessing who was their secret friend. Well done to Anna and Michael for receiving ‘Friendship Week’ awards.


September 2022

PE- Tennis/Outdoor and Adventure

Rang a Dó are really enjoying their PE session every Friday with tennis coach Stephen. They have been working on their forehand, backhand skills and their ball handling. On Thursdays the class have been enjoying the Outdoor and Adventure Strand where they have been following directions and using control cards.

Here they are in action!



Since returning in September we have been working on addition and subtraction. We have been partitioning sets using objects and finding addition combinations to make up a given number. We are also working on developing understanding of subtraction as deduction or difference.

The children had lots of fun playing a Maths game called 101 using a dice and their hundred square.