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Junior Infants 2 (Ms. N. Murray)

Welcome to Junior Infants 2


Our Christmas Play: Cá Bhfuil Mála Santaí?



Our First Day of School

We had the best first day of school. We got to play games, do art and sing songs!

We even got balloons!


An Adventure Around the School

We went for a lovely walk around the school to see the different areas!



We started Aistear. Our theme this month is ‘The Doctor’. We have been having so much fun!



We had so much fun learning GAA skills with Jay. There are plenty of future sports stars in the class!



Our theme was Halloween. We had so much fun making scary pumpkins, practicing trick-or-treating and we got to dress up.


Pyjamas/ Jersey Day

We had such a cosy day in school wearing our pyjamas and jerseys! 



Sundrive Park Adventure

As part of STEM this month, we have been learning about Autumn. We went to Sundrive Park looking for signs of Autumn. We found different coloured leaves and we found conkers beside the horse chestnut tree. When we were finished we played a few games in the park and we got to go to the playground. It was the best day ever!


Halloween Games

Thank you to the Parents Association for a very fun and spooky morning! 


Irish Dancing

We loved learning how to Irish Dance. We were learning the haon, dó, trí steps.


Bake Sale

We got to buy lots of delicious treats at the bake sale. We even tasted some in class. Yummy!


Dash To The North Pole


We ran all the way to the North Pole. We had so much fun!



We are learning to throw, catch and roll a small ball. We had so much fun!


Story Cards

We love making up our own stories using story cards. 


Safer Internet Day

We were learning how to stay safe online. We made posters for Safer Internet Day.



We love going to Zumba on Friday’s. We have learnt so many new dance moves!


Story Teller

We had a visit from Niall DeBúrca. He told us a very funny story about Grandma, her grandchildren and lots of different animals. 


World Book Day

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite characters and we did ‘Show and Tell’ with our favourite books.


Lá Glas


Conductivity Workshop

We loved learning all about conductivity during Science Week. 


Levers Workshop

We learned how to make a see-saw using a plank of wood and a big stone. We had to figure out how to lift the heavier person. 


Mini-Beast Workshop

We got to go searching for mini-beasts in our school garden. We found slugs, worms and many more insects.


Skittles Science Experiment


We made rainbows using skittles and water. We had so much fun!


Science Week with Senior Infants

We got to go in to Senior Infants and teach them how to make a rainbow with skittles. Senior Infants came in to our class to teach us all about floating and sinking.


Easter Hunt

We had an Easter hunt in the classroom. We searched everywhere and then we found a treat hidden under our seats!