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Junior Infants 1 (Ms. Lowe)


Welcome to Junior Infants 1

We are delighted to welcome all the boys and girls in Junior Infants 1 to Harold’s Cross National School.

The children are settling in very well into school life. Keep an eye on this page to see what we get up to during the year…



School Tour

The boys and girls had lots of fun on their School Tour to Sundrive Park. They had an ice cream party back in school afterwards! 🍦🍦


A Surprise Visitor

Lots of fun and laughter with Giggles the Clown! 



Active Schools Week
 A big thank you to Ms. O’ Meara for organising lots of activities. Junior Infants had so much fun! 


Sports Day
The children had lots of fun participating in the sprint, relay, spud and spoon, leap frog and hopping races. They were divided into three teams- Glas, Gorm agus Bán. 


In Maths this month we have been working on the different ways we can make the number 5. In pairs the children came up with their own maths problem for the class to solve.



Morning Activities
The class enjoyed participating in morning activities where they worked on their fine motor skills.

Cursive Handwriting
The boys and girls have been working extremely hard on their cursive handwriting this month.

Spórt na nÓg
The children started PE with Spórt an nÓg this month. They had great fun marching, chasing, jumping and skipping. 

Congratulations to our Assembly Award Winners for the month of May.



Science Week 🧪 

The class had lots of fun investigating what happens when we put warm water on a plate with coloured sweets. 


We also explored what would happen to a jelly sweet when placed in water, vinegar and salt water. The boys and girls made their own predictions and were very surprised by the results! 


The children used their listening ears to identify sounds in and outside the classroom.


Assembly Awards
Congratulations to our Assembly Award winners for the month of April.



Happy to be back!


World Book Day

The children discussed their favourite book with the class.


In Art we made Mother’s Day cards using our thumb prints! Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mum’s from Junior Infants 1! 🌸

Busy at our word games!

Lá Glas ☘️

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!


The Easter bunny dropped some eggs in the school garden for the boys and girls to find!!🐣 🐰 


Assembly Award Winners
Congratulations to our Assembly Award Winners for the month of March.


January & February

Well done to all the boys and girls for their excellent participation with online learning activities. I am so proud of you all!


January & February Assembly Award Winners!




Festive Fun in Junior Infants 1!

Santa’s Reindeer




Surprise Visitors ! 
The boys and girls were excited when a little elf arrived into our class. We named him Alfie and he has been up to all sorts of mischief!


All dressed up ready for their Zoom Call with Santa


Dancers Dash to the North Pole
The boys and girls were so excited to find Dancer hiding outside in the Viking House near the Astro.
They fed him some carrots before he made his dash back to the North Pole in time for Christmas.


Winter Art
The children created ‘Melting Snowmen’ and they are proudly displayed outside our classroom.


December Awards

Congratulations to the three children who received awards this month for their excellence at mathematics, kindness towards others and for always having their work neat and organised. The awards were presented by Ms. Kehoe. Keep up the great work everyone!



Morning Table Top Activities
The children enjoyed participating in our morning activities which involved use of fine motor skills and revising phonics sounds. (c,k,e,h,u,r,b)


Rince Gaelach & Yoga
The class were very excited to start Irish Dancing in the hall with Zoe. Here they are ag damhsa!

We enjoyed some relaxation time doing Cosmic Kids Yoga activities.


We learned about the different people who can help us in our community. We finished off with a cut and stick activity.

November Awards 🙂
Well done to the award winners this month for their kindness towards others and for working so hard at their cursive handwriting and homework. Maith Sibh! 



Maths Week
For Maths week Junior Infants took part in a shape hunt in the school garden. They had lots of fun searching for 2D Shapes. Here they are in action! 


Congratulations to Harry and Ali who won awards for their excellent participation in Maths week activities. Maith Sibh!!


In geography we discussed the different types of weather. The children used their cutting skills to select and cut out the types of clothes worn in different weather conditions.


Autumn Art
The boys and girls were very happy to have their lovely Autumn artwork on display. 

The class enjoyed getting dressed up for Halloween. We had lots of spooky fun and games.

The children enjoyed playing ghost skittles and grab the spider.

October Awards 🙂
Well done to this months award winners.  Keep up the great work!



Gaelic Football
Junior Infants 1 were very excited to begin Gaelic football with our coach Jonathon.


Fun with Playdough!
The boys and girls really enjoyed using their fine motor skills to make the new letters they learned using playdough.


September Awards 🙂
A big congratulations to this months Assembly Award Winners. Maith sibh!