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Welcome to 4th Class (2). Make sure to check our page to find what has been happening in our class this year.

Important Notes:

Our P.E days for January & February are Tuesday & Thursday. Please make sure your child wears runners and their tracksuits on these days. Uniforms should be worn at all other times.

Make sure you log onto your Google Account to access some tasks assigned in the Google Classroom. If you are having issues with signing in, please let me know.

Links to the interactive games we have been looking at this term:





January updates:

Art & SPHE

It has been a very busy month in class since we returned after Christmas. We started the year making some very SMART new years resolutions and these are beautifully displayed along with our firework art outside the class room.


We looked at shopping in the past and how shops looked in Ireland many years ago. We looked at evidence as historians and carried out some surveys at home with our parents and grandparents about their shopping experiences around the world in the past. We enjoyed collating all the results into different types of graphs for displaying on our SESE display board. 


We finished our novel this month and looked at different key moments through freeze framing. Each group got a very important event in the novel and had to create three freeze frames to represent the action. We had very creative performances. 

We also practiced using the telephone for different purposes. Some of us called to book a restaurant, other groups chose to book airplane tickets while others rang the doctors to book an appointment. We have some great videos on our SEE-Saw journals for parents to watch. 


We celebrated Catholic Schools week from the 23rd- 27th of January completing some really fun lessons as we learnt about walking together as a group of believers. We discussed the story of Pentecost and talked about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, each child celebrated and recognised the fantastic grandparents we have and we also enjoyed talking about things we could do as a community to transform the world and imagined if we were the Pope what we would change and we each chose a suitable Papal Name. Here we are completing a fun activity to help us imagine how God feels as humans carelessly litter and pollute the environment. It was a ‘real fun’ activity.


Ana from TU Dublin visited our class to carry out the second experiment with us. This time we learnt all about eco -systems and had tremendous fun  creating our very own self-sustainable terrariums that do not require watering. These are currently in our classroom and we will continue to observe any changes over the next four weeks before taking them home. We can’t wait for workshop 3 in February. 


We are covering the Gymnastics and Dance strand in our lessons this term. We are getting a lot better with our 1,2,3s with coach Eimhear on a Tuesday and we started our Céilí dancing last week focussing on ‘Ballaí Luimní’. 

In gymnastics we are focusing on the skills of jumping, rolling, balancing and travelling at the minute. We are using some apparatus in our activities. Each of us have noticed things we need to work on so that we can get stronger for the different skills and now realise how important it is to complete our Active Homework tasks each fortnight. 

October Updates:

We were very busy in class throughout the month of October. We celebrated Friendship Week from the 3rd – 7th, Maths Week from the 17th- 21st and we had lots of Halloween themed activities during the week leading up to our mid -term break. Have a look below at some of our interesting lessons.

History & Art 

We finished up learning about Georgian Dublin by constructing our very own Georgian Houses using cereal boxes. We made sure to include the typical features of arched doorways, different sized windows, and steps leading up to the entrance. We have received so many compliments from people as these are displayed outside our room. We definitely have some budding architects among us in 4th Class 2.


Science Experiment

Linking closely with our Georgian buildings we looked at the properties & characteristics of materials used in the construction of homes. We discussed damp that can often be spotted in older or colder buildings and we really had to think about ways in which we could prevent damp from rising from the building’s foundations. We tested a number of common everyday materials to see which would make the best damp proof course when constructing a new building. We improvised our cement bricks with sugar cubes and had to make sure our investigation was a fair test changing only one element in the test each time around. Here we are busy investigating

Maths Week 2022

A huge thank you to Ms. Moriarty who organised a number of fun activities for us during the week. On Monday we visited Ms. Brannigan’s Junior Infants and helped her class complete a shape hunt in the garden. We really showed great patience and team work for the session.

Each lunchtime (when it wasn’t raining!!!) we got to go to the main yard and set up and organise some fun Maths games for 1st class pupils. We really enjoyed playing the games ourselves and watching 1st Class participate and have lots of fun on yard.

Ms. Mulderrig’s maths group & our class had a fun day outside the classroom doing some active maths in the hall. Here we did some fun warm up games with our times tables trying to find answers as quick as we could under the cones. Then, we got into 5 teams and competed in a relay where we had to find matching analogue and digital times. Afterwards, we returned to the classroom and used our Izak 9 cubes where we had to complete a number of challenges. We all want to use these cubes again very soon.

Halloween Festivities

Our classroom was very Halloween themed for the week before mid-term break. In Drama, we created very imaginative freeze frames from haunted houses to ghostly hospitals to upset & lost trick or treaters. We loved designing our Halloween masks and seeing them turn out fantastically when dried. Our final day before our holidays saw some very scary and creative costumes within our classroom and we visited Junior Infants to show case our costumes and compliment Ms. Brannigan’s on their fantastic efforts for their first Halloween in HCNS. 

Learning in September:

We made our very own bookmarks to help us keep track of the page we are on in our accelerated reader. 

In Gaeilge, we have been learning all about ‘Mé Féin’. Jenga was used to get us answering lots of questions about ourselves. We built quite tall towers before they tumbled!

IN SESE, we were learning all about homes from the past. We examined photographs of the different homes and created a timeline from 70000 BC right up as far as the 20th Century. We really enjoyed looking at the Georgian Houses in Dublin and are currently constructing our own using cereal boxes. Keep an eye out for our masterpieces over the next few weeks.

In P.E Jason has been working with us on Wednesdays for G.A.A skills. It is great to see so many players joining our school team. In our other lessons we have been looking at ball handling skills using rugby balls & basketballs.

Each Friday, we are coding with Ailbhe. Remember you can check out your work on your scratch account at home.

In English, we have been learning about contractions and we did a fun active lesson in the hall. We revised predicting and visualising for our comprehension strategies and worked with the poem ‘The Green Giant’. Have a look at what we visualised here.