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Fourth Class 2 (Ms. R. Judge)

Fáilte go Rang a 4 (2)

Pride Month / Mí an Bhróid 


Our Butterfly Garden!

From caterpillars to butterflies and releasing them in the wild!


Our Class Interviews with Women in STEM Careers:

We interviewed the health scientist Helen Fitzpatrick (mother of Ruairí), a mechanical engineer in the Netherlands (Gayle Sweeney) and a food scientist (Aoife O’Sullivan) with lots of well-prepared questions! 

STEM Challenges (Design and Make)

STEM Design and Make: A Playground

  • Accessible to all eg. wheelchair use, pram for children.
  • Social Distancing in mind (2m)
  • An area of biodiversity
  • A sensory area
  • Amenities such as toilets and a coffee shop

Exploring Living Things in a Bog Habitat (Peatland)

Nollaig Shona daoibh ar fad!

Halloween Art

Oíche Shamhna! 

Leonardo Da Vinci Inspired Flying Machines 

Merit Awards

December Awards

Great presentation of his Ancient Roman Project, Excellent work in Grúpaí Gaeilge and Excellent learning of Rap na Gaeilge for our Christmas video

October Awards

Well done to this months award winners!  For excellent report writing and for producing work of great standard in all curricular areas.


Ealaín/Art – Clay Construction

The class has been exploring the coiling technique le cré (clay) to make a beehive. The children really enjoyed this project. They also learnt how to score a bee to attach it onto the hive.
The class then put white paint on the cré (chuir siad dath bán ar an gcré) to give it a base coat.
After exploring colour mixing (meascadh dathanna) and getting the right shade for the beehive colour and the bee’s wings, the children tackled the painting over a few days, applying many coats.
The last job was to cover the whole piece in PVA glue to give it a clear shiny finish!
Maith sibh a pháistí, rinne sibh sárjab!


Using the Chromebooks to Research Our Report Writing

‘The Badger’