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First Class 1 (Ms. O’Grady)

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Welcome to Ms. O’Grady’s First Class! Here you will find images, stories, reports and videos from our exciting days inside and outside the classroom.


We had a busy April as Science week took place from the 1st-8th of April.

Mini Beast Hunt

Lever’s Workshop

Forensic Science Mystery Workshop

Teddy Bear Hospital


On the third of March, we celebrated world book day. We dressed up as our favourite book Character. 

Engineers week took place on the 7th of March. To celebrate this we undertook an engineering challenge. In groups, we had to plan, deign and construct a tower made just of Marshmallows and spaghetti. The tower that was the tallest and stood on its own was the winner.

We celebrated Seachtain Na Gaeilge! Here we are enjoying a banna ceoil.

The day before St Patrick’s day we celebrated Lá Glas. We made our own Shamrock shakes to celebrate the occasion!


This month we have been working really hard learning all about Planet Earth in Space. We worked in groups to complete our first ever project!

We also created some really cool space art.

In Febuary, we started to learn about Spring. Here we are on a spring hunt outside!

We celebrated Chinese new year by reading lots of stories and designing our own Chinese new year lanterns.


In January we celebrated wellbeing week! We completed numerous activities which promote wellbeing. Some activities included a whole school walk, meditation, extra art, mindfulness coulouring, a talent show to celebrate our strengths. We read lots of stories promoting hope, resilience, gratitude and Self-efficacy. Here are some photos from  the week.



Christmas Play!


Dash to the North Pole!


Physical education

This month we have been learning our 1,2,3s with an Irish dancing coach. Look at us go!

For national science week, we did lots of experiments.

Bread Experiment

We have been discussing the importance of washing and sanitizing our hands regularly to stop the spread of germs. Together, we put four slices of bread in separate bags. One slice was inserted untouched, another one was touched by kids with dirty hands, one was touched by kids who washed with soap and water, and one was touched by kids who used hand sanitizer. After a few weeks we started to see results! As you can see, there is far more mold on the unwashed hands bag than there is the rest.

Sink the boat Experiment

Ever wonder why some objects float while others sink?
In this experiment each group made a boat and investigated how much weight is required to sink it. We first predicted how many cubes our boats would hold before sinking and then we tested it out. One boat held 104 cubes!

Math’s Powerhour

In November we have finished our Literacy power hour. We are now doing math’s power hour everyday!




First Class have recently completed a fortnights work on 2D shapes!  We learned all about the square, rectangle, triangle, circle, semicircle.  We decided to see how many shapes we could find in our own classroom and around the school. Did you know we are surrounded by all kinds of shapes everywhere we go?

We constructed our own 2d shapes using mini marshmallows!

We completed some groupwork designing shape posters which described the different properties in 2D Shapes.

We used 2D Shapes to make shape Monsters!

Happy Halloween from all in First class (1)


September 2021

Literacy Power hour

Power Hour is a literacy based hour which is currently being used to teach literacy. It gives students the opportunity to read books at their own level of competency. This is done through station teaching. We have 3 stations. Ms. Kehoe carries out the sails reading scheme with one station. They  receive a fact and fiction book daily.  In the second station, Ms. Evelien is covering recount writing with the children using the first steps writing programme. Finally, in the third station the children complete a phonics/ sight word station with Ms. O’Grady.

Physical Education

Every Friday, we are lucky enough to get Stephen to come in and teach us how to play tennis! We are working really hard at passing the ball back and forth to each other.