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First Class 1 (Ms. O’Grady)

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Welcome to Ms. O’Grady’s First Class! Here you will find images, stories, reports and videos from our exciting days inside and outside the classroom.



First Class have recently completed a fortnights work on 2D shapes!  We learned all about the square, rectangle, triangle, circle, semicircle.  We decided to see how many shapes we could find in our own classroom and around the school. Did you know we are surrounded by all kinds of shapes everywhere we go?

We constructed our own 2d shapes using mini marshmallows!

We completed some groupwork designing shape posters which described the different properties in 2D Shapes.

Happy Halloween from all in First class (1)


September 2021

Literacy Power hour

Power Hour is a literacy based hour which is currently being used to teach literacy. It gives students the opportunity to read books at their own level of competency. This is done through station teaching. We have 3 stations. Ms. Kehoe carries out the sails reading scheme with one station. They  receive a fact and fiction book daily.  In the second station, Ms. Evelien is covering recount writing with the children using the first steps writing programme. Finally, in the third station the children complete a phonics/ sight word station with Ms. O’Grady.

Physical Education

Every Friday, we are lucky enough to get Stephen to come in and teach us how to play tennis! We are working really hard at passing the ball back and forth to each other.