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First Class 1 (Mr. M. Glynn)

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You are very welcome to our class page. We have all settled into First Class really well. We have been working really hard for Mr. Glynn and are really looking forward to all of the fun that First Class will continue to bring.

Important Notes:

  • Our PE days for November and December are  Wednesdays and Thursdays. On PE days we need to wear our school tracksuit and runners. On the other days we must wear our full school uniform.
  • Our Christmas Concert will take place on Friday, 16th December at 12:20pm. Keep practicing the songs and poems at home on the run up to the concert so that we will be pitch perfect on the day! We can’t wait!
  • School will close for the Christmas Holidays on the Wednesday, 21st December at 11:40am.

December 2022

We can’t wait to see what exciting things the month of December is going to bring 🙂

November 2022

Art – Architecture:

In art this month we have been exploring the whole school focus on Architecture. We explored James Rizzi’s Cityscapes and then created our own Rizzi inspired cityscapes. These are stuck up outside out classroom. We also looked at the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and created our own buildings in his style including domes, eyes, concentric circles and curved lines.

Collaborative Cityscapes:

Having explored the cityscapes of both Rizzi and Hundertswasser, we were assigned the task of creating our own collaborative cityscapes. We worked in groups of four or five and were given large strips of paper. Each group had to agree and work together to decide on what features to include, what colours to use etc.

Music – Loud and Soft sounds:

In music we explored loud and soft sounds. We used the percussion instruments to help us with our Dabbledoo lessons. Each group was given a different type of instrument and they had to use their instrument to make various loud and soft sounds. Here we are in action.

Irish Dancing:

On Wednesdays we will be working on Irish Dancing as part of PE with Rachel. We have practiced out 1,2,3s, our side 7s and have had great fun  learning how to stand correctly with our “happy feet” and pointed toe. Riverdance had better watch out!!






GAA with Jay:

We were really looking to have a ball handling session with Jay from Crumlin GAA. Here we focussed on our kicking and bouncing skills and played a game called ‘pick and stick’. It was great to see that many of the children already knew Jay through their involvement in local sports groups. Hopefully we will see him again soon.

Fundamental Movement Skills:

This month we carried out lots of activities with the intention of helping to improve our fundamental movement skills. The main skills we explored were our throwing and catching skills. We worked in pairs with a beanbag to practice both the underarm and overarm throw. We played a game called ‘The Clock’ and another called the ‘Three Eyed Monster’ using a football. We also explored our response skills whereby a partner dropped two beanbags from a height and we had to see if we could catch them before they hit the ground.

October 2022

Kahoot Quiz:

On the day of the Halloween break, we completed our very first Kahoot quiz using the iPads. The quiz covered information on lots of the topics that we covered across all subjects since starting first class in September. A huge well done to our three winners, and of course to our runners up!

Halloween Art:

In art we created colourful Halloween pumpkins. We used a mixture of sharpie and chalk pastels to create our pumpkins. How cool do they look!!

Halloween Gamesl

Many thanks to the PTA who organised a great event on the day before we got our Halloween break. Each class from Junior Infants to First Class were scheduled to have a slot in the hall where we got to take part in a range of fun Halloween activities. Everyone had a ball. Here are some photos from the day.


Literacy Power Hour:

Literacy Power Hour has taken place in our class from August 31st and will run right up until November 18th. In Literacy Power Hour, Ms. Everlien works on ‘Writing’. The children have been learning all about the ‘Report’ writing genre. Ms. Kehoe works on ‘Reading’ and we use the Sails reading scheme. Mr. Glynn works on ‘Phonics/Sightwords and developing Word Attack Skills’. Power Hour takes place daily from 9:10am – 10:10am.







As part of History, we were learning about myths and legends. We explored the story of ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ and we looked at storytelling in general. Mr. Glynn read a version of the story and we watched two versions on YouTube. We explored what elements were the same in each and what was different. We discussed how a story can be changed and ’embellished’ over time. We sequenced the story and worked in pairs to create our own versions of the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’. In the version Mr. Glynn read we were told that the salmon was gold but in the other versions we were told that it was multi-coloured. Here are some photos of us in action making our salmon. Once coloured they were decorated with sequences.


In Maths we continued to explore the number strand, looking at numbers up to 20. We took a break for a week to look at the Shape and Space strand and explored the various 2D shapes. We completed a 2D shape hunt in our classroom to see how many different 2D shapes that we could find. For Art we made 2D shape monsters using sheets of coloured card. Here are a few of our 2D shape monsters.

Maths Week:

The whole school celebrated Maths Week from October 17th – 21st. During this week we completed lots of fun maths activities as part of our daily maths lessons and looked at how maths can link into other subjects also. Ms. Moriarty created a ‘Maths Trail’ for us out in the main yard. This tied in closely with the work that we completed in PE as we had to use a control card and find the answers to 20 different addition sums. It was a really stormy day the day that we completed our trail, but thankfully none of the clues got blown away and the rain held off for us.


This month in Science, we looked at the different body parts. We explored how they move and what their purpose is. This linked in with work that we were completing in Gaeilge where we were learning about the body parts. We added some new words to our Science Word Wall.

We also discovered a lot of information about the ‘fox’. We used what we had learnt from Ms. Everlien about report writing to create our own reports about the fox. Firstly we brainstormed all of the facts that we already knew, and then we looked at a powerpoint where we found out more information. We categorised the information into the following headings; appearance, habitat and diet, before writing our own reports. In art, we followed a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw our own foxes. They look amazing, even if we do say ourselves!

Before we got our mid-term break we went out into the garden to do some weeding. The raised beds need to be cleared of weeds and the winter vegetables need to be planted. Here we are helping to get rid of the weeds.

September 2022

PE: Games – Tennis:

On September 9th we started our PE sessions with our tennis coach, Stephen. We explored the forehand and backhand move and we practiced our ball handling skills. We continued with our tennis lessons every Friday for September and October. Here are a few photographs of us taking part in our tennis lessons.


PE: Outdoor and Adventure:

For our Wednesday PE session, we explored the ‘Outdoor and Adventure’ strand.  We completed orienteering activities, exploring directional language and learnt how to follow control cards. Here are some photographs of us working in small groups taking part in some orienteering activities.


For the month of September, we were focusing on the theme of ‘Mé Féin’. Have a look at our ‘Mé Féin’ display to see some of the new words and phrases that we explored.


We were working on the number strand in Maths throughout September and October. We explored the addition combinations to make up some larger, two-digit numbers. We were investigating ways of combining and partitioning sets. Here we are working in pairs to explore different ways of making 11.  We looked at what combinations that we could put into the circles to make sure that we would still have 11.