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Fifth Class 2 (Mr. Mac Con Iomaire)


Tá Fáile Mór Romhaibh Go Léir


Hello Parents and Children and welcome to the Fifth Class section of the website.

Have a look at some things we’ve been doing in school recently!


Important Days to know:

  • The School is closing at 11:40am on Tuesday 23rd of December.

Baboushka – A Christmas Story

I hope you enjoy our nativity play, the story of Baboushka. Baboushka is a Russian folktale that tell the story of the first Christmas, but from a diffeent point of view.

December awards

For his kind spirit and helpful nature, for her stellar work as both star and director of our nativity                             play and for his quiet diligence and hard-working nature!  Well Done All!

November awards

For always being friendly, mature and reliable member of class and for always coming to school with a smile and lovely sense of humour!!


October awards

Well done to this months winners!  For always being so kind and helpful, his approach to his work with care and consideration and for her enthusiasm in every subject and giving her best!

Marathon Kids

We’ve had a great time over the last few weeks as we inch towards the halfway point of running a full marathon. Now we are running over a kilometre and barely feeling in. Quite a change from the struggle we had at running 650metres only a few weeks ago!


Maths Week

We had a terrific Maths Week 2020. Between online workshops over Zoom, where we learned how to use Maths to read your mind, a mysterious Maths trail on the Astro outside, using IZAK9 Cubes to solve problems and playing loads of games on Manga High it was full on, but great fun. Well done to everyone involved and to everyone who helped out!

Forced Perspective Art

We are in the middle of learning about Single Point Perspective at the moment, and about the creator of this art technique, Italian Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi. The paintings the children are worthy of a gallery in itself and I can’t wait to share them when they are finished. As a warm-up activity the children traced their own hands and shoes (even the tiny patterns on the soles of their sneakers) onto some pages and drew smaller self-portraits in the background to force the perspectives. The results are brilliant! Well done Fifth Class.