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Fifth Class 1 (Mr. Glynn)

Rang a Cúig (1)

You are all very welcome to the Fifth Class (1) section of the school website. Make sure to check in regularly to catch a glimpse of some of the exciting activities that we get up to over the course of the year.

A couple of important items to note:

  • The children can dress up in Christmas clothes on Tuesday, 22nd December. School will close at 11.40am for our class and will reopen on Wednesday, 6th January. 

Christmas Play

Below is the link to our Christmas Play. We hope you enjoy the performance. Feel free to share the link with grandparents and family members who might like to have a look.

December Awards

For his fantastic performance as Judge Grumps in the Xmas play, for her being a great friend to                            others in the class and for putting outstanding effort into his Gaeilge. Well done All!

Deireadh Fómhair 2020

October awards

Well done to this months award winners! For giving 100% to everything, for always motivating everyone and for their hugely positive attitude

Maths Week (October 12th -16th): During Maths Week we explored 2D shapes and carried out lots of fun Math activities. On Thursday  we completed a Maths Trail on the astroturf and will used the IZAK-9 Cubes in the afternoon. We have recently started using the Mangahigh website. This can be accessed at www.mangahigh.com We were the Maths Week Mangahigh Champions from within the school! Well done Rang a 5. 


Check out the following websites for some fun maths games:

SPHE – Friendship Week (October 5th – 9th): We celebrated Friendship week from the 5th – 9th October. During this week we carried out daily activities on what friendship means to us. We explored the characteristics of friendship and identified the main ways that we can be a friend to others. Over the course of the week, each student was assigned a ‘secret friend’ who they observed closely and engaged with them in a positive manner. Hopefully it helped us to discover more about our classmates. On Friday we named things that we like about our secret friend, we identified elements that we noticed about them, and listed some kind words to describe them. This tied in closely with work carried out in Walk Tall and RSE this month.

PE/SPHE – Marathon Kids: Over the course of 8 weeks we will be taking part in the Marathon Kids programme. This will encourage each child to run a total of 26.2miles (a marathon) over the eight weeks. We have been focusing on our endurance and stamina while focusing on some key physical education skills. Fingers crossed the weather is on our side!

A breakdown of the distances and topics are as follows:

  • Week 1: A Healthy Heart – 2,400m = 600m per day
  • Week 2: Physical Benefits of Exercise – 3,200m = 800m per day
  • Week 3: Mental Benefits of Exercise – 4,000m = 1,000m per day
  • Week 4: Social Benefits of Exercise – 4,800m = 1,200m per day
  • Week 5: Community Benefits of Exercise – 5,600m = 1,400m per day
  • Week 6: The Role of Hydration – 6,400m = 1,600m per day
  • Week 7: The Role of Nutrition – 6,800m = 1,700m per day
  • Week 8: The Educational Benefits of Exercise – 8,000m =2,000m per day



Meán Fómhair 2020

September Merit Awards: Mr. Glynn wants to wish a huge congratulations to Mia, Alex and Carlyn who were the Merit Award winners from our class for September. I’m sure everyone will agree that they were three very deserving winners. Ms. Kehoe came around last week to give out the prizes. Maith sibh!

SPHE – All About Me: While settling back into school in September, we carried out various ‘getting to know you’ activities. Here we are completing an ‘All About Me’ t-shirts where we identified come of our personal interests and talents.

Science/SPHE – The Bread Experiment: We completed an experiment on hand hygiene and explored the correct way to wash our hands. We looked at the difference between using soap and water and using hand sanitiser.  Here is the Handwashing  clip that we used to learn how to wash/sanitise our hands correctly. We used slices of bread that were touched under a variety of different conditions to show how effective our different handwashing techniques were. We left the bread for two weeks to watch how mould formed under the different conditions.We were very surprised by some of the results.

PE – Games: This month we have been looking at the Games strand in PE during one of our two weekly PE lessons. We have been carrying out running activities and have been exploring working as part of a team. Here we are playing some playground games. We have had to adapt the games in light of Covid and we have enjoyed suggesting how the games could work allowing for social distancing.

PE – Outdoor and Adventure: As part of our second weekly PE lesson we have been focusing on the Outdoor and Adventure strand. We have been carrying out various orienteering and scavenger activities where we have been following a map of the school grounds to find clues. We had to decipher a code to find a secret 12 letter word and we also had to use a map and key to identify different symbols.

Maths – IZAK 9: This month we used the IZAK 9 cubes on two separate afternoons in an effort to help with with our problem solving, reasoning and mathematical fluency skills. Abacus and Helix set us some very difficult challenges, but with the help of our pod-mates, we soon figured out the challenges… Who knew maths could be so much fun!

History – The Industrial Revolution: For the month of September we were learning about the Industrial Revolution in history. At the end of the topic we completed a Kahoot Quiz which was a fun way to recap all of the new information that we had discovered.