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Fifth Class 1 (Ms Ryan)

Fáilte go Rang a Cúig (1) 2021- 22 😃


You are all very welcome to our class page!  Make sure to check in regularly to get an insight into some of the activities that we do in Fifth Class! 😃



Art – Johannes Vermeer

We examined the art of Johannes Vermeer who was a 17th century Dutch artist. He was renowned for depicting scenes of daily life in interior settings. 5th class studied one of his most famous paintings- the Girl with a Pearl Earring. First they traced the drawing using pencil and then colored and shaded it in using oil pastels.


History- The Industrial Revolution

5th class were busy learning about the Industrial Revolution in Britain (1760-1820) during the last few weeks. Each pod researched a different topic to do with the Industrial Revolution including The Spinning Jenny, The Davy Lamp, Edward Cartwright and living conditions and the spread of disease during this period in England.



Science- Electricity

5th class had lots of fun learning about the different aspects of electricity. We read about the dangers of electricity, we investigated the differences between a series circuit and a parallel circuit and created circuits showing the differences. We also tested different items such as wood, tin foil and glass to see if they were conductors or insulators of electricity.




5th class took part in lots of fun activities to celebrate Halloween this year!! We completed lots of art activities and the children dressed up in scary costumes on the day of the Halloween holidays. Lots of fun was had by all🎉


Marathon Kids

Huge congratulations to all the children in 5th Class for completing the MarathonKids Programme. Students completed an 8 week programme learning about the health benefits of sport and performed 4 running sessions a week🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️  In total each child ran a mini marathon of 26.2 miles which is amazing!! The children completed their final lap in Sundrive Park and received medals for all their hard work🎉



Christmas 🎅🤶

All the boys and girls in 5th were very busy leading up to the festive period✨ The children created wonderful Christmas art, completed a fun run to the North Pole! and took part in a musical drumming session🎄 The children also performed in a Christmas Play called Silent Night- A Mouse Tale. All the children put in a huge effort in making sure the play was completed and everyone done an amazing job!!✨


January 🧿

We completed lots of fun and interesting activities in January !! The children completed lots of fun well being activities to mark Well Being Week. The children are also taking part in the Happy Maths Project!

Maths- Multiplication 2, Number Theory, Fractions, Decimals

English- Narrative and Exposition genre

Gaeilge- An Aimsir

History- The Aztecs.

Geography- Amazon Rainforest

Science- Plants and animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest

PE- Irish Dancing and Gymnastics

Music- Listening and responding to ABBA songs

Art- Abstract Art and Well Being Art

Religion- The Beatitudes

SPHE- Feelings and Emotions


February 🎨

February was a very busy month in 5th class! We completed many different and interesting hands on visual art and science activities that were both fun and engaging. The children also continued with the Happy Maths programme which they thoroughly enjoyed. Each child got to play engaging Maths games using iPads which dealt with addition, subtraction and prime numbers. A list of all activities 5th class participated in for February are listed below 

Maths- Number Theory, Multiplication 2, Length, Division 2

Gaeilge- An Aimsir, Éadaí

English- Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon McKenna -novel (debate, discussion and questioning)

Science- Plant and Animal life in the Amazon Rainforest. Mixing and Separating of Liquids- oil, water and vinegar

History- The Famine- causes, results and impact in Ireland and abroad.

Geography- Europe- learning about main countries in Europe and their capital cities.

SPHE- Digital Citizenship- Self Indentity, Privacy and Security, Our Online Tracks

Visual Arts- Peter Max abstract art, creating flowers using paint and color, creating abstract paintings using glue and wool

Music- Listening and responding to songs- ABBA (tempo, dynamics, different instruments)

Drama- drama activities related to the Under the Hawthorn book- creating drama scenes based on the text in groups.

Religion- Social Justice- Story of Creation

PE- Zumba, Irish Dancing


March 🎭

March was a busy month for all the children in 5th class 1. We celebrated World Book Day which saw all the children and teachers dress up as characters from their favorite books. In addition the children presented their Culture Day projects which they had been working very hard on for the last few weeks. We also completed lots of Science activities to celebrate Science Week. The children completed Physics and Forensic Science experiments which they really enjoyed. Great fun was had by all. Below is a list of all activities we completed this month.

Maths- Division 2, Time, Percentages 1, Money

Gaeilge- Eadaí, An Teilifís

English- Under the Hawthorn Tree novel by Marita Conlon McKenna and activities. Exposition writing activities

History- Focusing on the Famine Project- causes, diseases, coffin ships, workhouses, affects of the Famine

Geography- Researching and designing their Culture Day project based on a country in Europe

Science- Science Week Activities – building a bridge using pencils, examining a crime scene and observing and participating in physics experiments

Art- Peter Max inspired colorful scenes, creating St Patrick’s Day art

Drama- Drama scenes based on the Famine- a family in a workhouse, a family boarding a coffin ship and a family being evicted by a landlord from their cottage

Music- Listening and responding to a variety of songs, song singing

Religion- Holy Week and Easter

SPHE- Taking Care of my body. Digital Friendship.

PE- Creating and Playing Games- Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball

April 🧩

April was a short month as we had the Easter holidays in between! Nonetheless it was a busy month filled with lots of fun and interesting activities. 5th Class 1 created beautiful Easter artwork. Each child worked very hard on getting a head start on their Famine research project. We also planted sunflowers!!🔅 Each pair planted a sunflower seed which they will water and take care of over the next couple of weeks. Everyone is very excited to see them grow and develop. We continued to progress through our novel- Under the Hawthorn Tree and completed oral and written activities based on the novel. Below is a list of all the topics we covered across the various subjects.

Maths- Money, Percentages 2

Gaeilge- An Teilifís

English- Novel study- Under the Hawthorn Tree (discussion, answering questions based on the text)

History- Famine project work

Geography- Ulster- Counties, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities

Science- Parts of a flower

Art- Bayanan Tree Art

Music- Song singing, finding the dynamics, tempo of a song

SPHE- Digital Citizenship

Religion- Easter Week

Drama- Famine related activities

PE- Hockey, Athletics