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Active Ted

HCNS has a new mascot – Active Ted! He arrived in the school on Friday February 2nd and brought his gang of active buddies with him. Our junior classes will be hosting 2 active teddies and each child will have the opportunity to have an active teddy visit their house at the weekend and go on fun adventures. Check back here regularly to keep up to date with all their travels!

In every class from Junior Infants to 2nd class we held a competition to name our active teddy bears before we got to take them on their weekend adventures. So here we have the very creative names of our 16 active friends:

 Speedy & Sporty

 Thunderbolt & Lightning

 Superactive Teddy & Skippy Teddy 

 Super Adventure Teddy & Super Speedy Teddy 

Jumping Jack & Active Archie

Sporty Sam & Active Alfie

Running Ralph & Jumping Jimbo

Baller Ben & Active Andy

We are so excited to read and hear about the activities each of these bears get up to over the next few months. Keep an eye out for photos of their adventures here!

The boys and girls have been getting really active and adventurous at the weekends. So far Ralph has been to camogie and hurling matches, Irish Dancing classes, on cycles and watched some yoga. Jumping Jimbo has been kept active doing some gym classes in houses and has been to the playground,while also climbing trees in the Phoenix Park and he even got to go to a Birthday Party!

 These bears have been so lucky with the adventures the boys and girls in 2nd class have organised for them. Baller Ben was so lucky to visit Valentia Observatory where he met the President Michael D Higgins. He also was at a birthday party and attended drama classes while he even played football on a Kerry beach. Active Andy has been kept busy in playgrounds with the boys and girls and has been out walking with dogs and also playing basketball. He was also lucky to visit the forty foot, climb trees in the park, go on a scooter ride and even got a chance to do some gardening. Have a look at the photos below.