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Keep an eye on this page for details of upcoming events,classes, clubs, webinars,useful information, etc. Unfortunately , the Parent’s Room is closed until further notice, so there will be no access to the Parent’s Library or Stories For Bedtime. However, if you would like to borrow a parenting book, a book on special needs or  a book on bereavement, please let me know, as I have a selection in my office.

Parent’s Classes

Pilates  Classes for parents on Tuesdays at 8.40am in the hall ! Contact Michelle at 0876945082 to register.Classes are free and all participants must be fully vaccinated

Free Choreographic Dance Classes for Parents  on Fridays 9.30am ,outdoors at Loreto College ,Crumlin. Contact Elizabeth.

Free Parent’s Yoga Classes in Loreto College outdoors ,at 9.30am. Bring Your Own Mat. Contact Elizabeth ms.e.clarke@haroldscrossns.ie

Free  Parenting webinars from One Family:



There is  a selection of books in my office on Parenting, Bereavement and Special Needs(Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,Adhd,Autism etc). They are suitable for both Parents and children.Let me know if you would like to borrow some or if there is any particular book you are looking for.

Please click on the link below for a list of secondary schools in the area:

secondary schools list


Open Evenings for Secondary Schools:







This is a program for  women entering or returning to the workplace offering 1:1 career coaching ,cv preparation and interview preparation.




Loreto Centre Crumlin Autumn Brochure 2021

Autism consulting Online offers a series of webinars and coursesfor families who have a child or teen with ASD.

Go to www.AutismConsulting.Online

This is a useful resource for parents from Aontas regarding education and training options:


Click and download this PDF for some very useful Wellbeing activities for kids.

Wellbeing Activities for kids

There are also good articles on Sleep Routines, Fussy Eaters and Keeping Your Kids Active, on the Safefoods.net website.

CYPSC Playful Parenting Support videos are a useful resource for parents , with advice on how to deal with various anxieties in children ,related to Covid and other traumas. Go to cypsc.ie

Have a look  at the gov.ie ParentsCentre web page, for helpful information and advice for parents.

Also, Barnardos has a good page dedicated to well being for parents. www.barnardos.ie.

For Parent ‘s who would like to help their children with their Irish, below is a help sheet with common Irish Phrases. click and download:

Gaeilge sa bhaile le Gaelbhratach-2

Internet Safety 

Please click on the link below-a useful resource from Webwise.

Parents’ Guide to a Better Internet


www.webwise.ie is a great resource , offering advice and support for young people and parents .

www.childnet.com (digiduck stories)- another resource suitable for younger kids.

https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk – for older children

Recently Added

www.childhoodbereavement.ie  is a good website for children who are dealing with a bereavement. Barnardos also operates a children’s bereavement service. www.barnardos.ie

Jobseekers:  Business In The Community Ireland  is a movement for sustainable change in Ireland. Women@work is one of the Business Action Programmes open for registration. See link below.


Parents, this is a useful service from the HSE regarding Speech and Language. Click on the link.

Drop in Phone Poster

Useful websites for Parents: 

www.webwise.ie (How to deal with Cyber bullying)

parenting24seven.ie – look for the articles on:

  • using attention to improve behaviour,
  • 3 tips to help your child in times of stress
  • Positive Parenting.

loveparenting.ie-There is  a nice article called ” Promoting Parent Self Care And Self Compassion”

healthpromotion.ie– ideas on healthy family living.

Halloween safety and Halloween fun!

Click in the links below:





Here are some healthy and delicious meals prepared by present and past pupils with their parents.  Please  feel free to add your own recipes and photos by emailing me . The more ideas the better!


Download your copy of 101 square meals here and try some of these recipes for yourself. If you want your own copy, come to me as I still have some left.

Click on this link and download your copy:

101 Square meals

A Delicious Fish pie recipe from BBC Good Foods.


Wholemeal Bread (pg 106,101 square meals) and Banana Bread (pg 110)


 Banana Bread muffins (p.110)

Click to download  Gills Tomato Soup recipe below. Looks delicious!

Fresh tomato soup

Click on the link below for Gills Avocado Hummous Recipe:

Avocado Hummous by Gill


Please click on the link below to download the school’s Homework Policy. Pay particular attention to Appendix one “The Role of the Parents” , as this lists some useful guidelines for  a calmer , more successful homework time ! Also click and download the Homework Tips for Parents document below that.


Tips for Parents re Homework

Useful Cyber safety links:  cybersafetyireland.org and www.webwise.ie have advice for parents regarding screentime, online safety and false information.

Some useful links for any parent worried about anxiety in their children.





www.gov.ie supporting wellbeing at school communities

NEPs (National Educational Psychology Service) also has a wellbeing webinar and  a wellbeing toolkit on their website.

Tips for Parent’s on  getting your child settled back to school after school breaks:

  • Establish and maintain a good morning routine
  • Get up early enough to avoid rushing
  • Make sure they go to bed on time and get enough sleep (according to The Sleep Council, 3-6yr olds need 10-12 hours of sleep per day,older children need 10-11 hours)
  • Include a healthy , filling breakfast as part of the morning routine
  • Walk to school if possible. This will help with their concentration levels in school
  • Have a treat on Fridays to mark the end of the week (movie night,games night etc)
  • Listen to any worries they may have, acknowledge their worries and stay calm
  • Try not to pass your own stresses and anxieties on to your kids(this may be difficult at times)
  • Remember: Things will get easier once they are settled into their school and homework routine.

Please click on and download links below for  more Parenting tips on Back To School.

Love Parenting.ie – Back To School Flyer – CFSN CYPSC

Barnardos (2) Back to School Tips_Parents

Click on the  link below for tips on encouraging  good attendance at school:

SR6_Tips_for_Parents_(20_Day_Challenge) (2)

 Please click on the link below  for  useful tips on teaching independence to your Junior or Senior Infant.

Tips For Teaching Your Child Independence (1)

 Delicious recipes from our Recipe Club (Click on link below and Download)

Delicious recipes from our Recipe Club

Tips for Parents of Junior Infant children:

  1. Children need plenty of rest after the excitement of school. Make sure they go to bed early.
  2. Show a continued interest in whats happening in his/her daily adventures.Listen to all the stories but don’t pester your child with questions.
  3. Try not to compare your child with other children especially while he/she is listening.
  4. Be careful not to criticise the Teacher in the child’s presence as it might demotivate the child.
  5. When it comes to homework-plenty of patience and praise is needed!
  6. Children may forget to give you important messages , so please check their school bag daily.
  7. www.schooldays.ie is a good website, as is helpmykidlearn.ie
  8. Walk or cycle to/ from school if at all possible. The fresh air and exercise will help your  child concentrate better in the mornings and it will re-energise your child after a long day in school.
  9. Remember to label everything clearly from pencil cases to jumpers and coats, as they can and will go missing!
  10. Please see link below on tips for teaching your child independence

Finally, enjoy your child’s first year in Harold’s Cross National School!


  • Day one:Small break-yogurt, plum. Big break-tuna wrap with mix pepper and sweetcorn.
  • Day two: Small break-pear,milk. Big break-pasta salad with chicken-chick peas.
  • Day three: Small break -mixed veg sticks and hummus. Big break-pitta pocket with cheese , lettuce and relish. fruit salad.
  • The key is to introduce variety and keep lunches interesting.Involve your child in preparing the lunch(this might save you time in the long run). Drinks should be milk or water and encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Please note that  we have a no egg and  nut policy in school due to allergies.

I have some leaflets and a small number of recipe books in the parent’s room for more healthy food ideas. If you would like to donate some healthy recipe books to the parents library , we would be delighted! (When the Parent’s Room is reopened)


  • COUNT how many hours your child is spending on the screen (including television)
  • REDUCE the amount of time your child spends on screens gradually
  • MONITOR the content
  • Encourage  PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES/HOBBIES  to  replace amount of time spent on screens
  • Take out the BOARD GAMES for rainy days
  • Join the LIBRARY
  • Encourage screen free PLAY DATE
  • click on the link below for tips on how to teach your child independance

Role of the Home School Liaison Teacher:

The aim of the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) is to promote partnership between home, school and the community and to ensure that every family participates fully in the school scheme. Harold’s Cross NS recognises the role of parents as the primary educators of their children, the influence of the home environment and seeks to promote a partnership between school and parents and the local community.

  • The HSCL teacher is available to discuss on a personal level, matters of concern with parents .
  • Listen,encourage, support and offer suggestions on how parents can support their children.
  • Offer free courses for parents.
  • Offer one to one support to parents on how to get the best from their child’s learning.