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Please click on relevant  link below to download your child’s booklist. Each class has two lists-  Book Rental and  non Book Rental. Please note also ,that each child is to bring their own tissues,hand sanitizer and packets of wipes and they are to be replenished by parents when they run out.

_Second Class Non Rental 2020-21

1st Class Booklist Non-rental 2020-21 (1)

1st Class Booklist Non-rental 2020-21 (2)

1st Class Booklist Non-rental 2020-21

1st class Booklist- RENTAL 2020-2021

Fifth Class Rental and Non-Rental

Fourth Class Rental and Non-Rental 2020.21 (1)

Fourth Class Rental and Non-Rental 2020.21

Junior Infants Booklist

Second Class Rental Booklist 2020-21

Senior Infants Booklist Book Rental

Senior Infants Booklist NON Book Rental

Sixth Class Book Rental Rang 6.2 2020.21 (1)

Sixth Class Booklist Rang 6.2 2020.21 (1)

Third Class Booklist non-rental 2020.21

Third class booklist Rental 2020-2021

Please click on link below to download a list of After School providers in the area.Please note: This is just general information and we do not recommend them over any other afterschool service.

List of After Schools in the area

(Go to  hscl page or Home Page for classes for parents,coffee mornings and other upcoming events)

Harold’s Cross NS has it all!

Walking past Harold’s Cross National School on Clareville Road, Dublin 6W you might not realise that there is a hive of activity going on behind those gates from early morning to late in the afternoon. And it’s not just learning to read, write and Maths – although there is plenty of that too.

Harold’s Cross NS offers a wide range of in-school and after school activities, to suit all interests, talents and ages.

For the musically inclined there are several options: Piano lessons with classics such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to Beethoven’s dramatic ‘Ode to Joy’ on the curriculum. If you prefer a string instrument – how about ukulele lessons? Who would have thought that the Jackson 5s old hit ‘Rockin’ Robin’ could be a ukulele hit in Harold’s Cross? Alternatively train your vocal chords with the school’s choir and sing carols and current hits during assembly.

For sports enthusiasts Harold’s Cross offers several after school activities, such as tennis, basketball, football, and Jumping Jacks. The school has a fantastic all-weather astro pitch where the children can give those legs a good stretch after working hard in class. On Thursday afternoons the school has an arrangement with Swan Leisure Centre in Rathmines and each week children of all classes have the chance to learn and improve their swimming.

Children interested in the arts and creativity can join the art club or drama classes, from Picasso to Yates, from Shakespeare to Wilde!

Inquisitive pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th class can take extension lessons in Science and Maths. Learn about Albert Einstein’s relativity theory, Marie Curie’s radioactivity and Stephen Hawkins’ black holes. Nobel Prizes …. here we come!

As if all of the above weren’t enough the school has a full calendar of in school activities and projects throughout the year: Science Week, Reading Week, World Book Day, Christmas Fair, Talent Show, Sports Day ….. to name a few!  There is gardening, keep-fit programmes, magic of music programmes, trips to concerts, museums and galleries, archaeology, even ‘hip-hop in the yard’.

And last but not least: Parents – we haven’t forgotten about you. Why not get involved in Harold’s Cross’s own Operation Transformation,zumba or pilates?

As you can see – in Harold’s Cross there really is a lot more to school than reading, writing and arithmetic.