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Third Class 1 (Ms. Kennedy)

Welcome to Ms.Kennedy’s class page. Here is a taster of our learning. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Art: This term we looked and responded to the artwork of Georges Seurat. He is most famous for the unique technique of pointillism. We then sketched a still-image of different types of fruits. We used oil pastels to implement the pointillism technique. Some of our beautiful artwork can be seen outside our classroom.


We have been learning all about money, change and amounts over the last two weeks. The children sorted coins into their respective groups. We also set up a shop scenario whereby the boys and girls took turns being the shopkeepers and customers.

Following this, we were given different shop receipts , we had to find the total amount by adding the amounts and the change by subtracting from the total. These two step problems were both challenging and fun.

Check out https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/money for money sorting activities.

P.E: This term the children are taking part in Zumba classes, they will be learning different dance moves and dances along the way.

Gymnastics: Last week we performed a sequence of movements at each station. This involved balancing on different body parts, making high and low body shapes along with different types of jumps to finish the sequence.

Science: This week in Science we learnt about different types of light sources. We sorted the materials into their category using a Venn diagram. We sorted them into natural and artificial light sources.

Christmas Concert: 

A performance to be proud of ……………..

Well done to all the boys and girls on their fabulous performance at this years Christmas concert. I was blown away at how well they performed. Well done to the readers and the girls in the choir.


Christmas artwork 

Take a look at the lovely artwork the children made over the last fortnight. We looked at the work of the famous Antoni Gaudi and how he makes his masterpieces using mosaic tiles. We mimicked his work by making a fear sneachta, this was very time consuming and tedious but it was worth it in the end. 

 We made and decorated our own Christmas cards. We used finger printing to decorate reindeer, wreaths, snowmen etc onto the cards. 

We also made salt dough ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. Here is a picture of us painting and decorating them.

We had a special visitor during the week, SANTA CLAUS! He kindly took the time to visit our class.  We got to ask him some questions about his job, the elves and reindeer. He treated us to a selection box …..thank you Santa.

Mathematics- We practised our eight times tables, we solved the multiplication sums using whiteboards and cubes to assist our understanding of our tables.

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year.

It was lovely to meet you all at parent-meetings and thank you for all the hearty comments. The children will continue working hard as we have a long way to go yet. 

Archaeology: We concluded our 8 weeks of Archaeology with a trip to Glendalough. We explored Glendalough with a treasure hunt. We had to follow the clues from the lake to the farmhouse and even up ‘the stairs to heaven’ to the waterfall. After our treasure hunt we headed back towards the buses and enjoyed lunch , following lunch we walked towards the upper lake to the round tower where Mark told us the history and use of the tower. Finally, we got back on the coach and headed back to school……..very tired. We would like to say a big thank you to Mark for all the work he has put into teaching us archaeology over the past couple of weeks.



For art we made paper sculptures. We found out how malleable paper can be. We twisted it, folded it , bent it and rolled it to make a paper sculpture from our imaginations.


Last week, we spent quiet a bit of time presenting our projects to the class. We used eye contact, expression and summarised the most important points when presenting our projects. Well done to the children on the huge effort they put into their project, FANTASTIC WORK EVERYONE !

Art: This terms topics was architecture so we made types of Icelandic houses. As we are learning about the Nordic countries in geography, it was interesting to see and make a similar style house. This houses are the kinds of houses the Vikings would have built when they first  invaded the Nordic countries. The best part was putting the grass on the roof!

Archaeology: This week in archaeology we learned about the Vikings. We looked at the types of armour and weaponry these people had. We then designed and made our own Viking shields.

We also had a go at archery, this was the Vikings main piece of equipment to hunt for food and to protect themselves from enemies. It was interesting to see the skill and accuracy it took to launch the arrow.

Science Week: 

As part of Science Week we have been learning about healthy eating. We designed our own mini- posters including a healthy food plate and a fact file about each food group. 

          We made healthy sandwiches ( not so healthy as Ms.Kennedy bought white bread which the children were quick to spot) . However, we enjoyed making the sandwiches together, discussing the nutritional value of each food group and finally eating our tasty sandwiches. 


PE: Irish Dancing 

This week we started Irish dancing, we will continue this for the next 5 weeks.

Congratulations to all the boys and girls on receiving their reading certificates this term. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see more boys and girls with them next term.

Congratulations to the boys and girls on receiving maths certificates for their great efforts during maths week.

Archaeology: We learned all about the Mesolithic period in history. We planned, designed and made a type of hut from this time. It took time and care to build this hut. We had to layer materials carefully , we had to think about materials that would provide warmth, camouflage, strength and water resistance. Well done to all children on their hard work. The huts turned out great in the end.

Science: We continued to explore sound as a means of energy around us. We made string telephones to investigate whether sound travels through solids. We investigated whether it travels better when the string is tight or loose . We discussed if sound travels better through solids or air. We discussed how we could measure this comparison.

 Art: We sketched a model of two pumpkins from a real -life model . We then used oil-pastels to colour the pumpkins. We focused on the colour and line pattern when colouring them in. We used our imaginations when colouring in the landscape.

 Maths Week 2018 :

This week we completed a maths trail outside. This required the children to work together to solve the different types of maths questions. We would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Moriarty for organising it.

Outdoor Maths:

This week we were learning about different types of line and angles. We went outside to identify and name the different types of lines in our environment. Further to this, we used cocktail sticks to make right angles, less than right angles and greater than right angles.


Over the past two weeks we have been working as geographers. We worked in groups to classify information about Kilkenny. We each took a title and researched information about this topic, such as culture, sport, tourism, transport etc. After we gathered the information, we presented it on a poster. Finally we presented the information to the class.  Well done to all groups.


Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying singing songs, composing and performing music from the DabbleDoo programme. This week we used instruments to compose our own piece of music.


Last week, we learned all about the neolithic period from Mark. We enjoyed making pottery from this period. We decorated our pots with designs from this time in history. We then make a name tag from clay and this time we wrote our name using the same alphabet used by the neolithic people. Our names were so different!!

Science: We made windmills, we  planned, made and tested our windmills. Well done to the children on their team working skills and perseverance to keep going when some parts of the windmill were difficult to assemble and test. 

Archaeology: Here are some photographs from our trip to Christ Church Cathedral.

Art: We discussed and explored the primary, colours and secondary colours. We then went on to make a colour wheel as you can see below. After this, we looked at and discussed the artwork of Piet Mondrian and how he only uses the primary colours to paint. Following this we  coloured different animals inspired by Piet Mondrian .