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Third Class 1 (Ms. Brannigan)

Third Class (1)

Welcome to our class page. We are so happy to have the children back in Harold’s Cross NS.

Please take a look at what we have been up to in 3rd Class 1.

PE- Orienteering

We have been developing our orienteering skills and learning about map symbols & keys.


In history, we have been learning all about archeology. We completed a mini-dig in our classroom and then used our excavation skills to take part in a ‘big dig’ outside. We gathered all our artefacts and discussed what they were used for in Viking times.



  • We carried out a science experiment to investigate our own hand hygiene and the importance of washing our hands correctly with soap and water.
  • We made predictions about what will happen to our different samples.



  • We carried out some “Getting to know you” activities to find out about our similarities and differences.
  • We also shared information about our Summer break and the places we visited.