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Sixth Class 2 (Ms. Moriarty)

Fáilte go dtí Rang 6!

World Book Day 2019

We had great fun dressing up for our final World Book Day in Harolds Cross National School. Can you spot Rapunzel and her Prince?….What about James Bond and his lego gun?….There’s a few characters from Hogwarts to find and it’s not difficult to see the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast!

We brought the World Book Day fun into maths where we had to work out the maths word problems, find the answer on the library and then solve the clue to figure out a famous book character. The winning team will be getting a prize tomorrow!

Can you identify the characters?….

  1. This character was used as bait to capture seagulls while travelling on a giant peach.
  2. I write the tales of my great detective friend and I also work as a doctor.
  3. I have 2 older brothers, Rodrick and Greg.
  4. This character lived in Ireland during the Famine with her pet goat. She knew lots of cures.
  5. This character moved to Auschwitz with his family when his dad got a new job.
  6. The family member George dosed with his marvellous medicine.
  7. The surname of the family in “The Magic Finger” who were turned into ducks.
  8. I am Harry Potter’s aunt and Dudley’s mum.
  9. I am the dog from the Famous Five and I travel with them on all their adventures.
  10. I live in the Hundred Acre Wood with all my friends. Do you have any honey for me?
  11. My lovely friend Charlotte wrote nice words about me in her web.
  12. I come from deepest, darkest Peru and I LOVE marmalade sandwiches.
  13. There is a creature living under my street, I hope I am brave enough to fight it!
  14. The first character Lucy meets when she travels to Narnia (a faun).
  15. My little brother Auggie is very special, the universe revolves around him.
  16. My sister Matilda is such a pain. She is always reading books and never watches TV. What a freak!
  17. We’re off to see the Wizard…I hope he can help me to get home to Kansas.
  18. My brother Henry is HORRID but I never do anything wrong!
  19. Dennis’s neighbour who makes clothes and is the first person to suggest he should wear a dress.
  20. This character is the richest 12 year old in the world. He has everything…except a friend.
  21. The character LOVES to chew gum but she gets more than she can handle in Wonka’s factory.
  22. There are four sisters in this family. Meg, Jo, Beth…and the youngest sister is…
  23. This very special nanny can fly in on the wind and turn your world upside down.
  24. I am a Catholic girl living in Belfast in the 1970s. I wish everyone would stop fighting.
  25. This character is abducted by someone big and has to save all the children in England.
  26. Dig, dig, dig! That’s all we do here. At least my shovel is a special, shorter shovel.
  27. Well! Here’s a to-do. I followed a talking rabbit and now I’m 6 inches tall. How will I ever get home I wonder?
  28. This little rabbit LOVEs carrots but his neighbour Mr. Mc Gregor is not impressed with him!
  29.  I have a band of Lost Boys and together we fight against Captain Hook.
  30. This nasty Count keeps trying to steal the fortune of 3 orphans.


Check out these videos of our super 6th class ceili to finish up our Irish Dancing classes in January and our afternoon in the garden with Patrick. We were planting rhubarb, onions, beans and grasses, watering the beds, pruning the old plants from last year to make way for this year’s fantastic flowers and, as always, lots of weeding and composting!



We really enjoyed our Zumba classes with Audrey this term. We got to create some dances of our own too!

Reindeer Puppets

To start off our Christmas season we made puppets. Most people made reindeers but some of us made gingerbread men (or other people) instead.

Map Skills

Grupa Glas and Grupa Dearg in maths were working on their map reading skills and working with scales to calculate distances.

Photosynthesis Stop Motion Movies

In November we learned all about Photosynthesis (how plants make their own food). To sum up our learning for the month we made stop motion movies using i-Movies on the i-Pads. It was a LOT of fun.

Hallowe’en Haunted Houses

Assembly Performance October 2018

Presidential Election with 5th class

We held our own Presidential Election to see if we could predict who would win the election on October 26th. We researched the candidates and created campaign posters. We also wrote our own manifestos of what we would do if we were the President of Ireland. Michael D. Higgins won our election too!



First week team work activities…



Upcoming Events

  1. 6th Class Graduation

    June 26 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Harold’s Cross Has Got Talent

    June 27 @ 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
  3. Summer Holidays

    June 28 @ 11:30 am - 5:00 pm