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Sixth Class 1 (Ms. Curtis)

Welcome to Rang 6 (1)

First class photo of the year


Svetlana, Hayden and Sia received their awards today in class. Assembly can’t happen for the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t reward the excellent behaviour and hard work in Sixth Class (1). Keep it up everyone!!

Well done to our September award winners!

Today the children in Rang 6 used their problem solving skills to figure out some maths challenges using the Izak-9 Cubes. The children also used their communication skills when they tried to do one without talking to the rest of their team (safe to say this was way harder!).

The children in 6th Class 1 went out to the school garden and astro and tried to calculate how diverse it was. They looked at the different plants and animals and tried to identify as many species as possible.