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Senior Infants 2 (Ms. O’Connor)

Welcome to Senior Infants 2!! 

Panto: The class went to go see the panto ‘Beauty and the Beast’ yesterday. It was fantastic!


Science: This week the class have been looking at the season of winter. On Friday they went out to the school garden to look for signs of winter. Here they are in action:


History: The class were looking at old toys this week in history. Some children brought in some old toys belonging to their parents or grandparents.


The Sam Maguire: On Wednesday the Sam Maguire cup came to visit HCNS. The whole school gathered in the hall and got to ask one of the Dublin team some questions.


Maths: The class has been learning about time the last few days. Here they are learning how to use clocks.

Yoga: The class has great fun doing yoga in the classroom.


Science: This week the class were doing an experiment on whether materials were waterproof or not. 


Zumba: The class has started Zumba on Fridays. It is lots of fun!


Imaginosity: Today Imaginosity came to visit Harold’s Cross NS! The class had a great time learning all about the different parts of the body and the special jobs they have. 


Religion: This month is ‘In November we remember’ theme. The class are remembering all those who have passed away. Ms O’Neill made a remembrance tree with the class. All the children had to write the name of someone they wished to remember and Ms. O’Neill stuck the leaves on the tree.


Maths: This week in maths, the class are learning about length. Here they are performing a number of measuring activities using non standard units of measurement. 


Halloween Party: Today we had our Halloween party, we played lots of Halloween games and showed off our wonderful costumes.


SESE: The class were talking about Halloween traditions this  week and brought in pictures of themselves dressed up in their costumes. It was fun to compare the photos to each other.

Music: This week the class were exploring all the different instruments. They were then divided into 4 groups and had to play their instrument whenever their colour came up on the music wheel. 


Maths week: This week is maths week in school. The class teamed up with fifth class to go on a shape hunt around the school garden. Here they are in action! 


SESE: After listening to the story ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’, the class went out to the school garden on their own leaf hunt. They found lots of leaves and also lots of signs of Autumn.


PE: The class have started GAA lessons every Wednesday. They had lots of fun!


Maths: We have been revising sorting up to 5 in our maths groups this week. Today we had to make lots of sets of different numbers.


PE: Today in PE the class completed an obstacle course. They had to follow directions such as: climb over, crawl under, zig zag around etc. 


PE: This week in PE the class were learning ball handling skills. They had to play a game where they had to carry a ball between two people without using their hands. It was great fun.


Aistear: This month in Aistear, the class are doing the topic of ‘The School’. In the role play are they role play school life, the the small are they set up a town with children going to school, in the construction area they build schools with lego and blocks, in the sand area they are sorting letters and numbers and finally in the art area they were making pencil holders with all the toilet rolls they brought into school.

PE: Today in PE the class did an orienteering lesson. They had to find pictures of animals under various cones. They then had to mark off which animals they had found before moving on to the next cone. They had lots of fun!

S.P.H.E: Today in SPHE, the class listened to the story ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ and then played a friendship game. In the game the class all had different coloured stickers on their backs and they had to find everyone who had the same colour as they had. They now have to try fill their friends buckets for the rest of the week.

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