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Senior Infants 2 (Ms. O’Connor)

Welcome to Senior Infants 2!

Science: Today in Science Mr. Brennan taught the class about the sense of taste. Here is the class participating in a taste test. They had lots of fun!


PE: Irish Dancing: The class have started Irish dancing classes with the coach Belina. Here are some pictures of the class learning some steps.


Music: This week in music Mr. Brennan taught the class about loud and quiet sounds. We then used instruments to explore a range of loud and soft sounds. Here are pictures of the class in action!


Aistear: This month the class are covering the topic of The Doctor in the Aistear room. In the role play area the class are rle playing the Doctor’s surgery, at the small world area they are making a town with emphasis on the hospital and doctor’s surgery. In the construction area they are building hospitals with lego and blocks. In the art area they have been making xrays. Finally in the sand area they are finding CVC words which they must then read.

Art area: Making x-rays
Construction area: building hospitals
role play area: The Doctor’s surgery
Role Play area
Role play area
Construction area
Art area: Making x-rays
Sand area: Finding CVC words
Role Play area: The Doctor’s Surgery


Halloween: Today the class dressed up for Halloween! We had a very busy day. There was assembly in the morning as well as lots of Halloween fun at the Halloween party. Ms. O’Connor was so busy she forgot to take a photo of the whole class! 🙁 We can’t wait for world book day next year when we can all dress up again!


Oral Language: This month in speaking in listening the class has been looking at the strategy of interviewing. Yesterday they interviewed the school secretary and asked her lots of interesting questions:


Maths week: This week is maths week in HCNS. The class went on a maths scavenger hunt around the school garden searching for 2D shapes. They had lots of fun!


Oral language: This week for a speaking and listening exercise, the class interviewed 5th class pupils. They had very interesting questions to ask!


Music: In music this week the class have been looking at early music literacy and yesterday they made our own compositions! It was lots of fun!

Maths: This week in maths the class have been learning about patterns and combining and partitioning sets within 6.


Tennis: The class have been doing Tennis since they returned to school. Here they are practicing some Tennis skills with the coach Stephen.


Aistear: This month in Aistear we are doing the theme of ‘The School’. Role play area: Role playing the school, Small world: creating a school scene, Sand area: Searching for school items e.g. letters, numbers, Art area: we are architects designing and making our own schools using recyclable materials, Construction area: Building schools using blocks and lego.

Sand Area
Role Play area
Construction Area
Small World area
Art Area
Art Area
Art area

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