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Senior Infants 2 (Ms. O’Connor)

Welcome to Senior Infants 2!!

Aistear: This month in Aistear, the class are doing the topic of ‘The School’. In the role play are they role play school life, the the small are they set up a town with children going to school, in the construction area they build schools with lego and blocks, in the sand area they are sorting letters and numbers and finally in the art area they were making pencil holders with all the toilet rolls they brought into school.

PE: Today in PE the class did an orienteering lesson. They had to find pictures of animals under various cones. They then had to mark off which animals they had found before moving on to the next cone. They had lots of fun!

S.P.H.E: Today in SPHE, the class listened to the story ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ and then played a friendship game. In the game the class all had different coloured stickers on their backs and they had to find everyone who had the same colour as they had. They now have to try fill their friends buckets for the rest of the week.

Upcoming Events

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