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Senior Infants 2 (Ms. Duffy)

Welcome to Senior Infants (2) Ms.Duffy

Fáilte go Naíonáin Shinsearacha (2)

April 2022

We had a great science week, lots of fun!

March 2022

We covered weight in Maths and created our own cakes with the help for Ms. Brophy. World Book day was great fun with some brilliant costumes.

February 2022

Under the Sea was this months theme in Aistear, we also created some of Jackson Pollock style paintings!

January 2022

It was all about Transport this month!

Well-being week we had lots of fun – dance, games, magician and lots more

In Maths we collected lots of Data



December 2021

Santa’s workshop visited our classroom this month…..


November 2021

Senior Infants had a very busy November!

Aistear we focused on Space.

We made our own space station. Built spaceships, constructed landing stations, rockets etc. We used many materials throughout the month but serial toilet roll collector goes to Patrick.

In Maths we focused on 2D Shapes, we created our own 2D Aliens and used our numicons to create different ways of making 9!

In SESE we explored our 5 senses. We tasted different types of food.


October 2021

Another busy month in Senior Infants (2).


We spent two weeks learnng all about the doctor and 2 weeks on Autumn/Halloween.

In P.E we had Jason in from Crumlin GAA. The boys and girls really enjoyed the games Jason played with us.


SESE we looked at our families and created our own family tree


We celebrated friendship week!



September 2021


We had a busy start to our school year.

In P.E we have been practicing our fundamental movement skill of walking and incorporating some outdoor and adventure.




Aistear: Our theme this month is “The Garden”. We have had lots of fun exploring the school garden, we picked many fruits and vegetables and with the help from Ms. Brophy we made our own rhubarb crumble.



Maths- Ready Set Go Maths- We have matched, made sets and number sentences using lots of different concrete objects.



Art: We have done our self protrait and also looked at the pop artist – Andy Warhol

Science- We designed our own houses/hotel for insects.