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Senior Infants 2 (Ms. Cogan)

Welcome to Senior Infants 2

Ms. Cogan’s Class

Enjoy exploring! 😎

Captions are typed under the photos.

An owl visited us during Science week!

Fun and fascinating experiments taking place in our classroom!

Dave’s Jungle – Science Week

 Paul Cézanne Still Life Art

St. Patrick’s Day Art

Van Gogh’s Spectacular Sunflowers.

The Adventures of Ratatouille!


Having fun in Aistear!

Yummy in my tummy…It’s Pancake Tuesday!

Our Michelangelo moment! The future artists of Ireland.

We are learning how to make lava lamps!

Our History of Toys Timeline!

In groups we learned about the different climates all over the world! Pink = Cold, Yellow = Temperate, Light Green = Warm, Dark Green = Tropical

In pairs we are interviewing each other in an oral language game.

Aistear – Check out our teddy bear picnic!

A tower of teddies in the Construction Area!

We are making toys in the Junk Art Area!

We are searching for toys in the Sand Area!

Check out our Toy Shop in the Role Play Area!

In groups we learned about the theme of Winter using The Jigsaw Approach.

Check out our Starry Night paintings inspired by Vincent Van Gogh!

In SPHE we made Feeling Faces.

We drew our self-portraits and made a friendship jigsaw!

We wrote and drew about what good friends do for each another!

We wrote reports about the owl and we made owls using paper plates!

We went on a Autumn Trail in Harold’s Cross Park…Fun fun fun!

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