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Senior Infants 1 (Ms. K. Judge)

Welcome to Senior Infants 1


Autumn is well and truly in the air this month, and we’ve had lots of fun learning all about this beautiful season. We examined autumn weather; the plants and animals that are common at this time; the fascinating process of hibernation; and of course the stunning change of colour in the trees. During maths week we all used our maths eyes to see maths in photos every morning, and had a brilliant time completing a shape hunt in the garden. Well done to Aaron and Teresa who were nominated mathematicians of the week! We continued to learn footwork skills with Jonathon in PE, along with lessons in throwing and catching with Ms Judge. Our playtime included practising our cutting and glueing, and stretching our imaginations with block building and food play. Our art this month was autumn inspired – we created autumnal trees out of paint and wool and we learned how to mix yellow and red paint to create funny-faced orange pumpkins (which I love!). The last day of school was the day everyone was waiting for – Halloween dress up! The costumes were absolutely amazing, well done to all the children and families who put in such a huge effort. Everyone looked positively spooky! Well done to Matthew, Alex, Sadie and Jack who won merit awards this month. Have a great mid-term everyone!




Welcome back to school! After a long time away, we are all delighted to be back. We’ve had a very busy month, jam packed with fun activities. In maths we’ve been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, patterns and the number 5. In English we’ve read lots of stories, learned new cursive writing letters and practised writing Our News every week. We’ve learned about trees and autumn, about buttercups and clovers. We did presentations about our families to the class. We had fun with orienteering and a scavenger hunt, and now we’re learning GAA skills with Jonathon. We’ve been creating beautiful artwork inspired by Owl Babies and the Mona Lisa. Here are a few snapshots of our month!