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Senior Infants 1 (Ms. Keogh)

Welcome to Senior Infants 1! 

World Book Day

World Book Day was a huge success, many thanks to the parents who worked so hard creating the costumes! Here are some photos of the class in their costumes. Some pupils from Ms. Stone’s 4th Class came to our classroom to read with us also. They read their books to us and we read our books to them.

Patrick the gardener

On the 15th of February Patrick the gardener came to visit the school and it was our turn to go out to the garden with him. Patrick showed the class how to plant onion bulbs. The children used hand spans to make sure there was enough space in between each bulb. The class had great fun!

Tennis with Stephen

This term we are being coached by Stephen the tennis coach. We’re having great fun practising our tennis skills!

G.A.A. with Jonathan

This term we were being coached by Jonathan from Crumlin G.A.A. club. He taught us how to hold a hurl and we had hurling matches. We had great fun!

Murf the Magician’s visit

Today (18th January) we had a special visitor. Ms. Kehoe was delighted that we won the attendance award for November and she organised Murf the Magician to come to our classroom! Murf asked some of the class to be his special helpers, and he made balloon animals for us at the end. We were all delighted!

Santa’s visit

Today (13th December) we were so lucky. We’ve been so well behaved that Santa came to visit us from the North Pole! Santa asked Ms. Keogh to sing and asked the class to do the floss. He said everyone was on his ‘NICE’ list so fingers crossed we’ll all get what we have asked for on Christmas day!

Science experiment

In December we conducted a science experiment. Ms. Keogh asked us to test materials for a new umbrella for Winne the Pooh. We predicted which materials would be suitable and then tested them. We recorded our answers just like scientists!


Being Healthy

This term we have been talking about staying healthy. We mimed some healthy activities so the class could guess what they were. We talked about healthy food too!



We have been doing Zumba with Audrey every Friday and we are loving it!

The Doctor’s clinic in the Aistear room

This month our theme for the Aistear room is the Doctor’s clinic. We have been role-playing as doctors and nurses and constructing hospitals. We have been very busy!

We created x-ray pictures in the creative area.

There was a very long queue and a traffic jam outside the hospital!


Before Midterm break we dressed up in our scary costumes! Here’s a picture of us in our classroom.

Maths Week

This week was Maths Week. Ms. Moriarty and her 6th class organized a Maths trail/scavenger hunt for our class. We had great fun finding the shapes around the school garden with our 6th class partners! Afterwards 6th class asked us maths questions and we asked them very hard maths questions. 

During the first term, we have been doing orienteering and games during P.E. We have really enjoyed orienteering so far!


We had lots of fun in the Aistear room in September. We were learning through play. Our theme for September was school.