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SEN Classes

Ms. O’Connor’s 2nd- 4th Class Group

The children in this group recently made sensory bags. They had lots of fun making them and are enjoying using them from day to day!! We used two parts water, one part cooking oil and a few drops of blue colouring to make them. Our advice would be to make sure to use strong bags if making them.

Science Experiments by Ms. Everlien’s 5th and 6th Class group

The pupils worked in pairs to plan and create a light-up alarm using tin foil, wires, batteries and a bulb. They did a great job!


STEM Activities using Lego We Do 2.0

The 5th and 6th Class pupils have been using Lego We Do 2.0 for STEM activities, using the ipad to code their creations. They’ve made cooling fans,  glowing snails, science rovers and moving satellites. Soon, they’ll be designing, creating and coding their own projects.


Ms. McGeough and her group are practising an attitude of gratitude.

Senior Infants are learning lots of English. Senior Infants listened to a story, sequenced the pictures and retold the story in their own words with Ms. McGeough.

Ms A O’ Meara’s 2nd Class group love to dance with Gonoodle! It’s lots of fun and great for our balance!

5 th class Maths group/Ms B.Kopytko/ learned about place value and explored number operations.

Ms. Everlien’s 6th Class Maths group pupils have been using the Chromebooks to help them learn about lines and angles.




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