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SEN Classes

In the 5th Class Social Skills group, we’ve been learning about our key character strengths and how important it is to nurture and develop these.

Ms. A. O’Connor’s Group making homemade lava lamps. As the school are engaging in procedural writing this term, it was a perfect time to learn the procedure of making a lava lamp whilst working together and having fun 🙂


5th Class Literacy Group creating powerpoint presentations about animals in World War I

Ms. Everlien’s 4th and 5th Class group have been talking about resilience and learning about people who have demonstrated resilience in their lives.

4th and 5th Class WW1 Trenches with Ms. Everlien

This month the pupils have designed and created their own World War I trench using a variety of everyday items.

Ms. McGeough’s Well-Being Group