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Second Class 2 (Ms. O’Meara)

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Welcome to our second class page. Have a look at some of the fun things that we have been doing in class so far this year. 

Please note: PE days for October are Tuesdays & Thursdays. Tracksuits and runners must be worn on these days!

October awards

Well done to this months award winners!  For his enthusiasm and participation in class, her good focus and contributions and his beautiful handwriting.


A big congratulations to our merit award winners for the month of September!

Here are some links to our interactive Maths games that we have been playing recently in class. You might like to try these at home 



Art : Portraits

During the month of September we were focusing on drawing portraits. One week we designed silhouette portraits showing things that we like. Another week we designed symmetrical portraits with pencils and charcoal. Have a look at some of the fantastic masterpieces here. 



For our P.E this term we have been covering our outdoor and adventure strand along with games. 



Science : Our 5 senses

This month our focus was on ourselves and our 5 senses. We did lots of experiments to explore each of our senses. Here we are trying to figure out whether the material in the bag was sugar or salt . We couldn’t really know for sure which material was which, until we got to our taste test!