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Second Class 1 (Ms. Murray)

Welcome to our Second Class page!

The Animal Kingdom 

Using the art form of print we used our hands to create different prints of animals – we have everything from jellyfish to tigers! 

Amazing Art Work! 

We were learning about Ana Serrano and her amazing creations using paper. This inspired us to make our own creations using coloured paper of homes, shops and hotels! 

The Arctic 

In Geography we have been learning about the Arctic. We decided to focus on Arctic animals! 

The Nativity

Ready and waiting to go on stage to perform for our parents at the Christmas Concert.


In science we were learning about filtration! We experimented with filter paper and mucky water! It was messy but we really enjoyed it! 

Homes and Fauvism 

This month we were learning about homes and in art we were learning about the style of fauvism so we decided to combine them!

Dr Osity Body Science Show by Imaginosity! 

Second class loved learning about the body and how the different organs work when Imaginosity came to visit our school!

Happy Halloween!! 

Second Class 1 having great fun playing Halloween games! 

Friendship Week Art!

For Friendship week we made some friendship hands or ‘helping hands’ with clay! We had to work together and use our own ‘helping hands’!

Maths Week

For Maths Week we went on a maths trail around the school grounds!


In October, we did some orienteering – we were really good at it!

Gardening and Trees

We have been learning about trees in October and so we went out to inspect the trees on the school grounds. We also spent some time in the school garden – we harvested some kale, carrots and potatoes!



Here we are doing tennis with our coach Stephen. Maybe the next Rodger Federer is in our class!

Climate Action March!!

On Friday the 20th of September we marched to support the climate action protests.

  September Self Portraits

Check out our Fauvist inspired self-portraits!

Upcoming Events

  1. Midterm Break

    February 19 @ 2:10 pm - February 24 @ 8:30 am
  2. St Patrick’s Weekend

    March 12 @ 2:10 pm - March 18 @ 8:30 am
  3. Easter Break

    April 3 @ 11:40 am - April 20 @ 8:30 am
  4. May Weekend

    May 1 @ 2:10 pm - May 7 @ 8:30 am
  5. School Closed

    May 4 - May 6