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Second Class 1 (Ms. Kindlon)

Welcome to our Second Class page!

Science Week 2021

We really enjoyed World Book Day 2021

We hope you enjoy our Christmas concert:

Zoom call with Santa! 🎅🏻

We found Dancer!!!

Our Animal Projects: 

Merit Awards

December Awards

For always working hard in school and giving everything his best effort, for working really hard in                                  school this month and showing kindness to her classmate and for his excellent school work and                        making a great effort to focus on his work in class.  Well Done All!

November Awards

For working hard and showing kindness, for her happy & positive attitude and for his great work with his cursive handwriting!!




The Winner of Our Pumpkin Carving Competition

October awards

Well done this months award winners!  For her very hard work in school, for his very kind behaviour and for her beautiful handwriting.

We painted masks for Halloween!


P.E. : This month we had lots of fun playing tennis with Stephen. 

Art: We drew self-portraits using our pencil and charcoal! 

S.E.S.E. : We made family trees.