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Junior Infants 2 (Ms. O’Connor)

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School Tour

Here are some pictures of our wonderful School Tour to Glenroe Farm, Wicklow. The children had such a fantastic experience. What a fun day out!



This month the children continued to combine numbers to 6 ‘___ and ___ makes ___.’ They engaged in counting games, comparing sets (less/more) and learned about the number 0. 



The genre of writing of focus this term is narrative. The children, with and without the teacher created their own narratives. We are using language such as first, next, then. The children are familiarising with the idea of characters and conflict in a story. Their stories had a clear beginning, middle and end. 



The chilren learned about the season of Summer. We engaged in some garden time where we looked out for signs of Summer. The children did some sequencing in History- ‘Chicken Licken’. In Science, the children learned about the dandelion and ladybird. 



In Gaeilge, we did the whole school theme of ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’. The children enjoyed conversing (comhrá) and playing games.



The month began with the strand of Outdoor and Adventure. The children completed orienteering and such games outdoors and in the hall. We also covered Athletics. Preparations for Sports Day- Friday June 9th are well and truly underway. We will be doing a sprint, relay, egg and spoon race, sack race, and bean bag race. Save the date and we hope to see you all there.



The whole school theme this term is the Ocean. The children made starfish out of airdough which they then painted. The also made Jelly Fish pieces and are in the process of making ladybirds (linked with Science). We didn’t get to complete these due to the School Tour.


The children engaged in the theme of the Airport. They absolutely loved it. Some really got into role as an air steward and passengers.


Only 1 month left for our busy, brave and brainy bunch. What a fast year it’s been. Have a safe and happy June Midterm from all of us in Junior Infants 2!!!


General Photos

We had a busy fortnight following the Easter Holidays. Here are some photos. Note the photos are jumbled this month rather than by subject due to it being such a short month. I’m so proud of my wonderful bunch. They are progressing and growing so much each week.

See further down for Science Week 2023 photos. 

Science Week 2023

We had such a fun and special Science Week this term. Well done to Ms.Kehoe for all the fun events she organised across the school. Here are some of the school and classroom activities we engaged with:

  • Science Week 2023 Posters
  • Show and Tell: children bringing in items from home to do a show and tell e.g. magnets, kinetic sand, books about animals, microscopes. 
  • Jungle Dave Workshop
  • Levers Workshop- making seesaws and lifing the granny or heavier person as opposed to the child. 
  • ISPCA Talk of animal care
  • Science Experiments: Absorption- food colouring transfer. 
  • Child Designed Experiments: Children bringing in their own experiments to carry out e.g. volcanic eruptions (baking soda and vinegar) and polishing coins experiment (vinegar). 
  • Demonstration of the above experiment to Senior Infants.
  • Senior Infants presenting their Design and Make Pinball Machines.



This month our number of focus was 1-5, while beginning working on number 6. We continued partitioning and combining to 5. Our topic work was based around the area of money. The children learned to identify coins up to 5c. They played farmers market in Aistear, putting their money skills and knowledge to the test. 


We continued the genre of procedural writing. We engaged in procedures on how make a green St. Patrick’s Day Milshake and how to make Easter Coloured Puff Paint. We continued with Heggerty and Jolly Phonics. We continued blends this month and the last single sounds x- We also continued cursive writing- i, j and r. We read excerpts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and made predictions and used the Building Bridges programme visualisation skill of the term. Reading Groups continued and we started the book ‘The Lost Ball’. Here we are at work. 


In Science the children learned about chicks. We had visitors down the Junior corridor- the chicks Cookie, Fluffy, Chicky and Star. The children also met a lamb. The children completed an engineering workshop (Maker Science) and made their own circuits. The children engaged in an observation lesson on sellotape- talking about it’s properties e.g. sticky, round, see through. Materials and their properties was the overall topic which intrigued the children. In Geography the children engaged with the topic of the farm. Spring weather also was of focus. Later in the month, the children learned about water use on the farm. In History, the children engaged with story sequencing on The Gingerbread Man and The Story of the Easter Bunny. Here are some photos 🙂


In Gaeilge, we did the whole school theme of ‘An Teilifís’/An Cháisc (Ócáidí Speisialta). The children learned many new words and phrases e.g. Coinín na Cásca/ ubh chásca. Cáisc shona daoibh!! SEACHTAIN NA GAEILGE 2023 was a huge success. The children particularly liked getting raffle tickets when they spoke informal Gaeilge. Here are some photos. 


Apologies 🙁 , photos would not upload for the following subjects:

In PE, the class completed their work on Gymnastics. The children will be ready to learn how to forward roll next year for sure. We then moved onto games i.e. ball handling. In SPHE, the class completed lessons on Digitial Citizenship as per whole school plan using commonsense.org. In Art we completed chicks, rainbow St. Patrick’s Day art, Mothers Day Art, Irish Art- Cliff Landscape inspired by Irish Artist- Michael Flaherty. and Easter puff painting Art. Lots of junk art was completed in Aistear too. In Aistear we did the theme of the Farm. Next month the children will engage in the theme of the Post Office. 


Only 2.5 months until our lovely flock flee the nest of Junior Infants. What a fast year it’s been. Have a safe and happy Easter from all of us in Junior Infants 2!!! 


What an enjoyable month we had in Junior Infants 2. Spring arrived and it’s not just the plants that are blooming. Six months in, the children’s learning and development really are in full swing. We can’t believe there’s only four months left until the end of Junior Infants for this wonderful group of children. Just wow!


In English, the children continued the genre of procedural writing. We engaged in procedures on how to make toast, how to make jelly, how to plant a cress plant and a shared procedure (teacher as scribe) on how to make pancakes.We continued with Heggerty and Jolly Phonics. We continued blends this month- ee or and ng and the some of the last single sounds-z/w/v  We also continued cursive writing- o, q and e. We read the stories ‘The Little Red Hen’/ ‘Under the Bed/ ‘The Gruffalo’/ ‘Stuck’/ ‘Quiet Please, Owen McPhee’. Many of these books linked with the theme of the Vet/ animals which came up a lot this month. Here is our work in photos.


In Science the children planted a cress plant which directly linked with our procedural writing (genre of the term- see photos directly above). The children also learned about the needs of plants in the process, learning about the parts of the plant and their functions. In Geography the children engaged with Spring weather watching and general Spring time. Later in the month, the children learned about animal mothers and babies. This linked with Aistear and Literacy (The Vet/ animals). In History, the children engaged with the history of St. Brigid and St. Valentine. Later in the month, the children sequenced the stories’ The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Little Red Hen’. 


In Maths this month, our number of focus was 5, while revising numbers 1- 4. We continued partitioning and combining to 5. Our topic work was based around the areas of capacity and spatial awareness. Here are some photos of the work we completed.


In Gaeilge, we did the whole school theme of ‘Éadaí’. The children learned the following main vocabulary- geansaí, bríste, léine, sciorta, gúna, bróga, stocaí, hata agus cóta. The main phrases they learnt were- ‘cuir ort/ bain díot/ croch suas _______ (do chóta/ hata)’. 

In Aistear we did the theme of the Vet. In the Roleplay area the children took on the various roles at the Vet Surgery. In the creative/junk art and Construction area, the children made vet buildings, xray machines and so on. In the Small World station, the children played small town and vets within said small town. The Sensory station this month entailed play dough, using vet themed playdough mats. The children quite enjoyed this theme. We will move onto the Farm in March.

Safer Internet Day took place at the beginning of the month on the 7th of February. The purpose of this day was to encourage safe internet use amongst children. We read a Digiduck book called ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’. The children took part in a colouring competition. Ciara from our class was a runner up. Well done Ciara.

What a great day the children had on 2nd March for World Book Day 2023. The children played Guess the Teacher and watched a video of all the children’s Extreme Reading Challenge photos. We did a best dressed competition, which Billy (Cat in the Hat), Elizabeth (Little Miss Trouble) and Frankie (Elmer) won. Conn and Patrick were the runners up. The children then did Buddy Reading with Ms. Connor’s 3rd Class. Thank you Mams and Dads for all the effort you put into the costumes this year. 

We are ready for March and after, the children will all be in need of that two week break at Easter!!!! See school calendar for school closure dates for March and Easter Holidays. 


We had a busy month in our class. In Maths, this month our number of focus was 4, while revising number 2 and 3. ‘Down and over and down some more, that’s the way we make a four’ is the rhyme we learned for number 4. We did a number hunt and object hunt for number 4 and did plenty of tracing and number writing practice. We did some partitioning which we also showed to Mams and Dads for homework. We began combining which is the beginning of addition for the Junior Infants pupils. Our topic work was based around the areas of Weight, Time, 3D shapes. 

In English lessons, we began the genre of procedural writing. We engaged in a procedure on making toast. We continued with Heggerty and Jolly Phonics. We began blends this month- ai, oa, ie. The exciting part was however, we began Reading/ Literacy groups with Ms. Deane. We had so much fun working in small groups. We also began cursive writing- c, a, d and g. The class did so well with these and we did plenty of practice on these letters. The children are mastering the book ‘Look Out Teddy’ which will be given for homework this month. 

In SESE, we learnt about light (Science). We learned about Winter and it’s effects on plants and animals (Geography/ Science). The children also learned about houses and homes- types of houses, rooms in the house. In History, we kindly asked the children and parents to interview a grandparent (thanks for this parents and grandparents :). The children really enjoyed sharing their information with the class, with my assistance. 

In Gaeilge, we did the whole school theme of ‘An Aimsir’, linking in with SESE and our Aistear themes. We learned ‘Cén saghas lae an? Tá an lá fluich/tirim/fuar/te’. 

In Art we continued the weather theme and created colour wheel umbrella art. This also linked in with the theme of light in Science. We built on our English and History story ‘There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe’ by constructing our own ‘boot houses’ using felt foam and pipe cleaners. The children adored this task. For Wellbeing week we made Breathing Buddies. Finally, for St. Brigid’s Day, the children made simple St. Brigid’s crosses using lollipop stick. This linked in with our whole school theme for Term 2- Irish Art. 

In Aistear we did the theme of winter. In the Roleplay area, the children ran a hot chocolate shop. The children then moved onto the sub theme of houses and homes, making all sorts of houses in the Construction and Junk Art areas. The children love Aistear first thing each day. The children swapped area each day which adds variety and fun.

In PE, we began Zumba with Audrey. We began gymnastics on Wednesdays. We practiced different dances, movements around spaces, hops and jumps.


In SPHE, we learned about feelings. Wellbeing Week took place on the last week of January during which we did activities such as:

  • Teditation
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Thing That Make Me Happy activity
  • Making breathing buddies
  • Wellbeing walk on Astro
  • Magic Show


Another exciting month has gone by (so quickly) in Junior Infants 2. This month we focused on the number 3, learning its rhyme and practiced its formation. We learned to partition sets of 5, down to 2. This is the beginnings of subtraction for the little ones. The class did some counting with Ms. Mulderrig while doing further number formation practice with Marcos.

In Aistear, we focussed on the theme of Winter/ Christmas. We unfortunately missed some sessions due to Christmas Concert preparations and rehearsals. We look forward to our new theme in January to be revealed soon. Here are some photos nonetheless. 

The children finished the writing genre of report writing. They learned about the Robin and completed a report on it based on its features, habitat and life. The children continued with reading groups and Jolly Phonics/ Heggerty. We practiced letter formation of the letters s as far as o in Jolly Phonics. We learned about alliteration in Heggerty. 

This month in the school, we all did the theme of Ag Siopadóireacht. The children also engaged with the seasonal theme of An Nollaig. They learned important vocabulary like ‘Daidí Na Nollag’ and ‘Nollaig Shona Dhuit/ Dhaoibh’. 

In Art, the children made angel Christmas decorations and large Christmas tree bauble decorations. They also did some cutting and sticking practice to make textured Christmas trees.

In PE, the class continued with Irish Dancing which they are now finished. They enjoyed learning their 123s and 7s, as well as a dance sequence, a céilí and games like Musical Statues. Due to poor weather and the hall being in use for Christmas Concert rehearsals, the class learned about water safety and hygiene in the classroom. They enjoyed this and seem to have a good grasp of both. In SESE we learned about Christmas around the world, read the story ‘The Nutcracker’ and learnt about electricity. 

Finally, well what can we say…a busy and enjoyable time preparing for our Concert was had by all this month. We hope you too enjoyed it. I am so proud of all the hard work the children put in. They really gave it their all. Here are some photos of our concert preparations, as well some other Christmas fun we had on the lead up to the holidays, including a visit from the round chubby man himself and of course our cheeky elves Elsie and Elliott. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good break from school!!!



We had a busy November in our class. We completed various Art projects. The class made sheep following learning the rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. They then created owls given this was our animal of focus in Literacy. We then started Christmas themed Artwork with their Winter Wondeland trees and began other Christmas bits like tree decorations (all still works in progress). 

In English it was a big month for the children as they began Jolly Phonics and Reading Groups. Our sounds of the month were s a t i p n ck e h r m. Our reader of the month was ‘Look Out Teddy!’ which we will continue in December. The children also wrote reports on the owl. We also read some lovely stories and used the prediction strategy. 

In Maths, the children continued sorting and making patterns. We did lots of practice writing the numerals 1 and 2. The children focused on time as well, sequencing their days and nursery rhymes/ stories. They learned the days of the week and familiarised with seasons too.

In Aistear, the children engaged with the topic of the school. They designed school furniture and school themed items in the Junk Art stations and also designed playgrounds. In the Small World area, they played with the town items and built schools. At the construction station, they built people and school buildings using lego and blocks. They played ‘school’ at the Role Play area. We are looking forward to the Christmas theme for December. 

In Science we learnt about the sense of touch and did a feely bag experiment and exploration. We then learnt about the materials- plastic, glass, wood and metal. The class did a fun material hunt. We learnt all about the properties of these materials e.g. soft, hard, smooth, rough. We continued to learn about the owl also (see reports above).

In PE, we continued the strand of Games, focussing on long and short and short passes with a ball and much more. We started using rackets which was a success. The class also began Irish Dancing with an external teacher. They are having a blast learning the ‘1, 2, 3’s’. 

Finally, in SPHE the class began ‘Teditation’ as a new wellbeing initiative. The class enjoyed short guided meditations with their teddies. .

Overall, another exciting and successful month in Junior Infants 2. We are all ready for a very busy December ahead, with Christmas Concert preparations and lots more learning to be done!!



Another busy month complete in Junior Infants. The children are pros now at school routines and procedures so well done to them.


In Literacy, the children completed reports on the Hedgehog and the Bat. They learned about their characteristics, habitat and what these animals do.

In Art, the children made hedgehogs and made hedgehog hibernation huts in Aistear to carry the hedgehogs home in. They also made the Three Little Pigs houses as we were engaging with this story in English and Drama. For Halloween, the children made pumpkin masks.

The children had their first Friendship Week and Maths Week in primary school. We did some lovely friendship themed activities like making Rainbow Fish based on that story. We also did some fun Maths Week activities like a garden 2D shape hunt, a classroom number hunt, drawing numbers with chalk, making a Maths Week poster and playing lots of Maths games.


In Ready Set Go Maths this month, the children continued their work on sorting, patterns and number with Ms. Mulderrig, Marcos and I. They also engaged with the topic of length- long, short, longest, shortest, longer than, shorter than focus. 

In SESE, they learned about Autumn and hibernation. The children also learned about Halloween around the world and the history of Halloween. This linked with Aistear too, where the children had lots of fun playing Farmers Market shop, making leaf rubbings, cutting and sticking with leaves and Autumn templates and lots more.

That’s the end of our October highlights. We all need a rest after all the go so we will be ready for a positive and successful second half of term!!!


A big well done to Junior Infants 2 and to you parents for making it past month one! What a wonderful month we had. The children are getting to know one another and really and truly have settled in so well to the school. Have a look through our galleries to see some of the many things we got up to in September. 

We started Aistear this month and did the theme of the Doctor. We had a Role Play station, a Junk Art/ Creative Station, a Small World station and a Construction station. Sensory stations were done on Fridays. It was so much fun for the children as you can see from the photos. They learned words such as thermometer, receptionist, stethoscope, injection, syringe, bandage and so on (click photo to enlarge).

Here is some of the Art we did this month! We read the story Elmer and Hansel and Gretel which inspired the Art activities. 

The children practiced their fine motor skills too this month as they continue to learn to write their names and hold a pencil correctly. They used playdough, did some threading, played with lego and links, did some cutting and much more.

In Maths we started Ready Set Go Maths with Marcos, Ms. Mulderrig and I. The children worked with two teachers per day each day on 3D/2D shapes, number work or sorting items by colour/size shape. The children also learned about patterns. 

In PE we focused on the strand of Games. We used beanbags and practiced throwing and catching beanbags, throwing beanbags to targets and to a partner. They learnt various ways to carry beanbags and learnt to carry them together between their elbows and other parts of their bodies. We practiced rolling soft balls to. More photos to come in October to find out what we are learning in SPHE and SESE!!