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Junior Infants 1 (Ms.O’Connor)

Welcome to Junior Infants 1!

Today in Science we were doing an experiment on moving air! Look at us in action:


Luke the coach taught us some kicking skills today in Gaelic.

Today the Gruffalo came to visit for story time!


This week in Aistear we are constructing farm buildings using recyclable materials!



Today we did some yoga:


This week in Aistear we were making Valentine’s day cards:


Maths: Today we were looking at the topic of Capacity. We tested a number of containers to see which one held the most liquid. We learned new words: Empty, full and overflowing.

Testing different containers
Capacity experiment


Drama: Our story of the week was the three little pigs. We acted out some scenes from the story:

Mr. Wolf
The imaginary house of straw
The imaginary house of sticks
The house of bricks


Aistear Month: This month in Aistear we are covering the theme of the Farmer/The Vet. Here we are in each of the play areas:

Role Play Area: The Vet
The Vet’s waiting room
Small World Area: The Farm
Sand Area: Searching for letters and numbers
Construction Area: Building farm buildings


Today in Science we were learning about how plants grow. We learned that plants need the following things to grow: 1) seed 2) water 3) Soil 4) sunlight.

Here are some pictures of us doing an experiment. We used cress seeds, cotton wool and small pots. We put seeds, cotton wool and water in one. Then we put seeds and just cotton wool in the other. Lastly we put seeds, cotton wool and water in the final pot, but we put this pot into a dark box. Over the next few weeks we will observe which pot has the best growth.



Today in maths we were making sets of numbers 1, 2 and 3!

making sets of 1
making sets of 2
Making sets of 3









Today we had so much fun in PE, we were playing a great game called rocks and wizards for a warm up before we started playing a Gaelic football match.

Rocks and Wizards warm up game
Gaelic football match


Look at us doing our Irish dancing!

In Maths this week we are learning to make sets to show more than/less than. Here we are playing a game where one of us is the teacher and the others must guess which set is more than/less than!


This term we started Gaelic Football lessons with our coach Luke. This week we were focusing on kicking, taking four steps and hand passes. We had great fun!

Here we are ready for Gaelic Football
practicing our ball skills

practicing our kicks
practicing our hand passes


We had great fun today in Science learning all about the sense of taste. Here are some pictures of us tasting various foods. We had to tell our teacher if the food was salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.


During maths today we were using a scales to weigh objects.



Look at us writing our cursive letters!



We have been studying the topic of Winter all month. Here are some of the winter arts and crafts we have been doing. (Hibernating animals, winter penguins and winter polar bears-construction strand, drawing strand and print)


Today in Geography we went on a Winter nature trail looking for signs of winter. We also sat out in the outdoor garden to talk to each other about Winter.


Today in Maths we were learning all about weight. We played a game where we had to go around the class and point at things that were heavy or light.



This week we are learning how to use the red hat from DeBono’s six thinking hats. When we wear this hat we have to talk about our feelings and emotions towards a certain topic. On Wednesday we were talking about how we feel about the season of Winter.



Today we had some very special visitors to the classroom. Junior Infants were very excited to interview two grandparents today for History. We asked some very interesting questions about school life when they were the same age.



Today in Maths, we were sorting our toys into sets of one and two. 


Today in Geography we were studying the season of Winter. In our groups we sorted Winter weather pictures.



This week in Oral Language we were using DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats Strategy. We began using the white information hat to find out what facts we know about the season of Winter. We had great fun.



December Aistear Topic:

This month in Aistear we have been doing the theme of ‘Christmas/The Toy shop’,here we are in action.

In the role play area we were role playing the toy shop, in the sand area we were searching for coins, in the construction area we were Santa’s little helpers building toys, in the art area we were making Christmas decorations and in the small world area we were playing car land.



Today in Science we were learning all about colours, here are some pictures of us sorting toys into different sets of colours.



We made our own Rudolph the red nose reindeer! 

We made snowmen paper plates.

In maths this week we were learning to make sets of numbers.

We recreated the story ‘The Mitten’ By Jan Brett.

We were learning about flowers with Patrick and we drew some flowers.

We were studying ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and decided to go on our own bear hunt around the classroom!


We have had a busy first two months in school. Here is some of our fabulous artwork!

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    March 19
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