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Junior Infants 1 (Ms. Brannigan)

Fáilte go Naíonáin Shóisearacha (1)

Junior Infants (1) Ms. Brannigan

Welcome to our class page!


Fine motor skills

Every day we complete fine-motor skills activities in our table groups. These activities include cotton bud painting, cutting, using tweezers, threading, pegs, marbles, play dough and many other activities. Take a look at some of our work below.

Creating dickie bows for Humpty Dumpty:




Topic 1: The Doctor 

Our Aistear time consists of 5 activity stations. These include: Role-play, Sensory, Construction, Creative and Small World. The groups rotate every day to ensure the children have the opportunity to play in each area. They plan and review what they have done within their station when the bell rings. The children also get the opportunity for free-play, allowing them to choose what area they would like to try at the end of the session. Aistear describes learning and development through the four inter-connected themes of well-being, identity and belonging, communicating and exploring and thinking. Throughout each Aistear session I observe how the children are progressing, with these specific themes in mind.


First 3 days of school

This week we have been settling into our new classroom and getting to know our new classmates.

We played with lego & pegs, created patterns, completed puzzles, explored the drama area, used playdough and worked on our colouring!




In the afternoon, we used our new whiteboards for the first time! We created shapes, line drawings and pictures. We remembered to always put the lid on our marker when not using it! We also learned how to clean our whiteboards and put them away carefully.