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Fourth Class 2 (Ms. R. Judge)

Fáilte go Rang a 4 (2)

October awards

Well done to this months award winners!  For her working very hard, his excellent report writing and her producing work of great standard.


Ealaín/Art – Clay Construction

The class has been exploring the coiling technique le cré (clay) to make a beehive. The children really enjoyed this project. They also learnt how to score a bee to attach it onto the hive.
The class then put white paint on the cré (chuir siad dath bán ar an gcré) to give it a base coat.
After exploring colour mixing (meascadh dathanna) and getting the right shade for the beehive colour and the bee’s wings, the children tackled the painting over a few days, applying many coats.
The last job was to cover the whole piece in PVA glue to give it a clear shiny finish!
Maith sibh a pháistí, rinne sibh sárjab!


Using the Chromebooks to Research Our Report Writing

‘The Badger’