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Fourth Class 2 (Ms. E. O’Meara)

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Welcome to our class page. Make sure to check in regularly to see what we have been getting up to in 4th Class 2.

Class notes:

  • Our P.E days for September and October are Tuesday and Wednesday. Make sure you wear your tracksuits and runners on these days. 
  • Our classroom is Room 17 upstairs. Class starts at 8:30 each day. Make sure to be on time each day.

Our STEM Challenge 

This month, Ms. O’ Meara set a challenge where students worked in pairs to create the longest paper chain out of one A4 piece of paper. They had to work co-operatively and think creatively about how to use the paper to make their masterpieces. 



We have been covering the Outdoor and Adventure & Games strands within our P.E lessons this month. In Games, we worked on our ball handling skills using different shaped balls and have been having great fun with Jay from Crumlin G.A.A practicing our football skills. 
In Outdoor & Adventure , we have been looking at maps and how objects are represented from a bird’s eye view. We had travel different routes around the school yard following the routes as outlined on different maps. 


This Month we learnt about stencil printing. Using masking tape we created our very own stencil and printed it on Paper. Using sponges we created a background around the stencil. Here are our masterpieces that are displayed in our corridor.

Our whole school focus is on portraits this term. We will be spending a lot of time creating different styles. This month we all created our own monochromatic portrait to complete a whole school rainbow in our school lobby.