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Welcome to our class page. Make sure to check in regularly to see what we have been getting up to in 4th Class 2.

Class notes:

  • Our P.E days for February and March are  Wednesday and Friday. Make sure you wear your tracksuits and runners on these days. 
  • For P.E we will have Gymnastics on Wednesdays & Stephen is back to teach us tennis every Friday.
  • Our classroom is Room 17 upstairs. Class starts at 8:30 each day. Make sure to be on time each day.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Ms. Brannigan organised some wonderful activities for us to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge in HCNS. We did a collaborative whole school dance with the ‘An Dreolín’ song. A traditional Irish band came to play for us in the hall. They spoke to us about their instruments and how each of them are played. We even got to practice some Sean Nós dancing on the day. There was a tasty bricfeasta organised on Friday morning where pupils go to eat some gránach, tósta & croissants. We loved the art and PE through Irish aswell as the Léitheoir Rúnda where we had fun guessing which múinteoir was reading in the voice clip. 

World Book Day 2022

We had a great day celebrating World Day on the 3rd of March. Lots of amazing costumes were designed from our favourite books.

We partnered up with Ms. Duffy’s Senior infants and did some reading with the younger pupils. 

Language Learning programme In February & March

Harolds Cross NS is joining over 500 Primary Schools nationwide saying ‘Yes’ to Languages!

4th Class pupils are taking part in the new Primary Language Sampler starting this Monday, 7th of February.  The module is a means for raising awareness among pupils of the range of languages used by their peers, in their schools and community. Over 500 schools nationwide are taking part and offering modules in a range of modern foreign languages and Irish Sign Language. The module will introduce the pupils to Italian and be taught over a 6-week period during the normal school timetable.

Ms. Canu is delighted to be involved in sharing her language and experience with us in 4th Class 2.Keep checking back here to see what we get up to during our Italian Classes.

Our Christmas Performance
Here are our Christmas poems an songs that we worked really hard on during the month of December. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


 Activities in our class during October:

Friendship week:

During the first week of October our school celebrated friendship week. Each day we did various activities to explore what makes a good friend, ways we can compliment each of our classmates and writing poetry about each other. We designed monochromatic portraits which created a rainbow in our school lobby. Here are some of those portraits and poems.


We explored the earth’s renewable and non renewable resources in class this month. We looked at wind farms around Ireland and how the turbines can supply houses with electricity. We designed our own pinwheels and used our observation skills to examine how the pin wheels worked in different areas around the school grounds. We also came up  with testable questions in our pods and created our own experiments only changing one variable from the original pinwheel. Some groups observed whether paper pinwheels work better than ones made from card. Other pods changed the shape of the pin that they used in the centre of the wheel.

We have also been spending every second Friday doing some coding with Ailbhe. We had great fun creating our own ping pong game in class this month. Don’t forget to log in to your account on www.scratch.mit.edu and let people play your game at home.

Our School Fundraiser

Our class really loved the chance to wear their pyjamas to school on Friday. Some pupils chose to wear their jerseys too.

Maths Week

We really enjoyed Maths Week with lots of fun active maths lessons throughout the week. We started with the Izak 9 cubes in class where we were building walls based on different maths tasks. Working as a team was really important during these tasks. Ms. Keogh’s and Ms. O’Meara’s maths groups also did a trail in the Junior Yard that Ms. Moriarty designed. Ms. Everlien’s group and Ms. O’ Meara’s group joined together and did lots of active maths and did team relays using digital and analogue time. Each day we spent a lot of our lessons playing maths table games. We covered the topic ‘Lines and Angles’ in Planet Maths over the week. We went hunting for different lines and angles around the school and photographed these and used editing skills on these photographs on the i-pad. We played different games on the yard where we made angles using our bodies too.

At the end of the week it was a really tough decision for all maths teachers to pick their maths students of the week. The winners of these awards were Yasin, Alex, Brooke and Sheehan. Well done everyone!


This month we worked on role plays and freeze frames. We linked our drama closely with our English work this month. We started our class novel this month and pupils had to choose a moment from the novel that they could display accurately through a freeze frame. Other pupils then guessed what they were trying to re-create. We had some fantastic ideas from each group.


We created face mask designs in Art and painted these onto our masks & we brought these home where some pupils even used them as part of their Halloween costumes. On our last day of term, pupils dressed up in fantastic fancy dress.

September 2021

Our STEM Challenge 

This month, Ms. O’ Meara set a challenge where students worked in pairs to create the longest paper chain out of one A4 piece of paper. They had to work co-operatively and think creatively about how to use the paper to make their masterpieces. 



We have been covering the Outdoor and Adventure & Games strands within our P.E lessons this month. In Games, we worked on our ball handling skills using different shaped balls and have been having great fun with Jay from Crumlin G.A.A practicing our football skills. 
In Outdoor & Adventure , we have been looking at maps and how objects are represented from a bird’s eye view. We had travel different routes around the school yard following the routes as outlined on different maps. 


This Month we learnt about stencil printing. Using masking tape we created our very own stencil and printed it on Paper. Using sponges we created a background around the stencil. Here are our masterpieces that are displayed in our corridor.

Our whole school focus is on portraits this term. We will be spending a lot of time creating different styles. This month we all created our own monochromatic portrait to complete a whole school rainbow in our school lobby.