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Fourth Class 1 (Mr. Manning)

Welcome to 4th Class (1) 

You are all very welcome to our 4th class page for 2019-2020.

Please note the following:

  • Our PE days are Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Children are to bring spelling tests home on Fridays to be signed for following week.


This term we have been learning about cubism in art. We have looked at the history of portrait painting and Pablo Picasso. Have a look at our cubist self-portrait. We played a dice game to practice drawing different patterns as facial features before we created our own portraits.


We’ve continued our studies into cubism into October. In this weeks art we drew a variety of shapes and diagrams on coloured paper. Afterwards, we cut our drawings into different shapes and glued them to a new page to create our abstract piece.




This month we have been very busy. Last week we had Maths Week. During the week we took part in maths trails, shape hunts with Junior infants and various maths activities in class such as maths mosaics and tricky maths challenges.


We’ve really enjoyed our coding sessions this month. We have been using chromebooks and scratch to create different patterns and shapes.




We had some brilliant halloween costumes in fourth class. We had our Halloween assembly, sang Halloween songs and took part in a Halloween table quiz.




We’ve begun working on our history projects in class. Our projects will be on Ancient Rome. We started our research by searching for information on the iPads and using a range of books on Ancient Rome



We have begun to present our Roman Projects in class. The level of detail and content in the projects is of a really high standard and I’d like to thank everyone who helped the kids with their projects at home.



This month we had the opportunity to work in the school garden with a gardener. We spent time spreading compost, raking and gathering leaves and clearing space for later on in the year.




We have had a hectic December in the lead up to Christmas. We have been working hard to practice for the Christmas concert. Thank you to all the parents for your help in getting us ready for the concert. This moth we’ve also been working with the Izak9 cubes in maths, we’ve learnt how to play the drums and some of the history of music in Africa and used clay and painting to make Christmas art. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.



This month we’ve been doing lots of work on debating. We’ve been working in groups to research information and writing arguments for our debate.

We’ve been taking part in Zumba classes and working on gymnastics in PE.

We’ve also started the STEAM engineering programme with an engineer. So far we’ve tried to build bridges and a replica of a sweet factory.

Upcoming Events

  1. School Reports

    June 12
  2. 6th Class Graduation

    June 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  3. Harold’s Cross Has Got Talent

    June 25
  4. Summer Holidays

    June 26