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Fourth Class (Ms. Stone)

Fáilte go Rang 4

Our new friends, Saorlaith and James, taught us all about biomedical engineering. We learned that a biomedical engineer is someone that works with prosthetic limbs. We had the chance to work as biomedical engineers and  created artificial arms and hands using resources from our engineering box. It was thirsty work…….!



The Role of a Nurse – Ms. Cogan

Ms. Cogan visited us in class today and spoke to us about her other job as a nurse. She told us all about the role of a nurse and how to check our own pulse. We also learned that nurses check a patient’s vital signs to see how healthy they are. Nurse Cogan then chose some boys and girls from our class and checked their vital signs. Thankfully we are all fighting fit!


Dogs for the Disabled – Lynn Cadigan

Today we had a special visitor to our class…..we met Fi Fi the stability dog. Lynn told us how Fi Fi helps her daughter Olivia to maintain her balance as she walks. It was great to learn about Dogs for the Disabled and how they train stability and task dogs for people who need an extra helping hand. We were delighted when we all got a quick cuddle before Fi Fi left!


Bog in a Bottle – Nuala Madigan

On Tuesday 17th April we had a visit from Nuala Madigan who spoke to us about peatlands. We had lots of fun using materials from the bog to create our very own bog in a bottle. We also cut out flower dials which we used to identify different plants that are found near peatlands. Before Nuala left us we had the opportunity to examine newts and to use a key to help us identify freshwater invertebrates that she gathered from the bog.

Our Ancient Roman Projects

We worked in groups and used the jigsaw method to learn all about the Ancient Romans. Each member researched a different topic and became an expert in that area. Afterwards we shared this new knowledge with our group, put all the pieces of the puzzle together and created our project books!

Take a look at our fantastic winter mosaics!




Keeping fit while working on abstract nouns. It was a lot of fun!




We learned how to order decimal numbers. We made human number lines and played games on the interactive whiteboard.




Have a look at the instruments we made a few weeks ago. We worked in groups to compose a song and a conductor led us during our performances!



The attendance award for the month of November goes to ………. FOURTH CLASS!!!!!!

We were rewarded with a CIRCUS WORKSHOP!!!!


We learned lots of skills including juggling and balancing. It was a lot of fun!



This week we had the opportunity to meet the Sam Maguire Cup!

Patrick taught us about plant science as part of National Science Week!

Our Hallowe’en masks and Frankenstein self-portraits!












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