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First Class 2 (Ms. Murray)

Welcome to 1st Class 2

Dancers Dash! 

As we did our dash around the astro we found Dancer!! 

Christmas Concert! 

We had so much fun practicing for the Christmas concert! Enjoy! 

December Awards


In first class we have been learning all of our iPad skills and doing great work on Seesaw and Cód na Gaeilge!  

November Awards

For being such a kind friend to everyone, for a huge improvement in her Maths and for his lovely manners and kind words to his peers.

Happy Halloween! 


We were jumping for joy after the brilliant skipping workshop! 


We collect some Autumn leaves to use for our art and we were learning all about the Season of Autumn. 



We have loved exploring orienteering and using our 2D shapes and numbers while doing it! 



We have loved tennis with Stephen! We were learning to name all the parts of the tennis racket and to catch the ball.