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First Class 1 (Máistir Ó Dúnaigh)

February 2019: Spring Art  

Our 1st Class Spring Art 

January 2019: Zumba

Our 1st Class Zumba dancing team

January 2019: Hurling/Camogie

December 2018: Christmas Concert

Our 1st Class Christmas Concert

December 2018: Irish Dancing

Our 1st Class Irish Dancers

Power Hour Math started in the Month of November

The students are learning about the Maths Strands ‘Number’ and ‘Measures’
The students will be learning about the Strand Units: Time, Length, Capacity and Weight in December and January.

Problem Solving Activities in 1st Class

Our 1st Class Engineers assembled First Class Table Football
for Golden Time on Fridays – great job boys and girls!



Oíche Shamhna i Rang a hAon

Deireadh Fomhair

PE Strand: Outdoor and adventure activities            Strand unit: Walking (Treasure Hunt)

: PE: Strand: Games/Tennis and Skipping

Ealaín: Making Class Folders

Message to parents:

Thank you for all your support and please visit our Class Dojo 1st Class Page for more great work from our great students …

– Máistir Ó Dúnaigh.