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Fifth Class 2 (Ms. G Meeneghan)


Welcome to our page! Visit us every month to see what we get up to inside and outside the classroom.

April 2022

April was a short month for us as we had our Easter holidays. In the week leading up to the holidays we had Science Week were we got to do extra Science activities and have lots of fun. We had a visit from a physicist, a forensic scientist and we took part in many STEM activities.

On our return to school at the end of April, we had a public speaking workshop with Anthony Garvey which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We completed our star reading test and we are delighted to be back with our classmates for Term 3.

  • Maths: Directed numbers, averages, the Circle
  • Gaeilge: Bia
  • PE: GAA Skills, Athletics
  • Art: Art based on the Great Famine
  • Science: STEM activities, various events for Science week
  • Geography: Physical Geography of Ireland, Mapping skills
  • Literacy: The novel, report writing, explanatory writing
  • SPHE: Mindfulness programme
  • Drama: Role play based on the novel/the Great Famine/1916
  • History: The Great Famine, 1916 The Easter Rising


March 2022

March has been a very busy month for Rang a cúig! We kicked off the month with World Book Day and we had great fun planning our costumes and wearing them in school. Everyone looked super and put in lots of hard work! We really enjoyed the day especially the quiz. March also means the start of Seachtain na Gaeilge, the time of the year were we celebrate all things Gaeilge and being Irish! We had great spraoi taking part in activities such as léitheoireacht le rang a hAon, ag déanamh na seanfhocail agus tráth na gCeist as Gaeilge. Bhí an-spraoi againn! We dressed up for Lá Glas and we had a great time dancing An Dréolín.

  • Maths: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
  • Gaeilge: Teilifís, Aimsir Fháistineach
  • PE: Playground games, Team sports
  • Art: Seanfhocail competition, directed drawing leprechauns
  • Science: Parts of a plant, weather
  • Geography: Countries of the world, Mapping skills
  • Literacy: The novel, report writing
  • SPHE: Walk Tall, Accord Relationships talk
  • Drama: Role play based on the novel/the Great Famine/1916
  • History: The Great Famine, 1916 The Easter Rising

February 2022

We had another busy in month in February. We are working hard with our classwork and doing lots of reading. We have been kept busy with this months events and activities such as Internet Safety Day and a visit from a story teller Niall De Búrca. We designed Internet Safety Posters to promote awareness of safe internet use around the school. We continued with Irish dancing and gymnastics in PE. We carried out a Maths trail around the school when learning about the topic of length. We are busy reading our novel and learning about The Great Famine. Our class have been asked by Ms. Kehoe to complete a project to celebrate the different cultures of the children that attend our school. We are working hard in our groups to get our projects completed. We carried out experiments in Science and had lots of fun mixing different liquids. We are really enjoying the Happy Maths programme and we have lots of fun playing the games every Thursday. A great month all round!

Here are some of the things we learnt about this month.

  • Maths: Length, Division, Multiplication of Decimals
  • Gaeilge: Eadaí, Aimsir Láithreach
  • PE: Irish Dancing, Gymnastics, Games
  • Art: Abstract Art, Painting, Drawing
  • Science: Mixing materials, carrying out experiments
  • Geography: Countries of the world, culture projects
  • Literacy: The novel, expositional writing
  • SPHE: Digital citizenship
  • Drama: Role play based on the novel/the Great Famine
  • History: The Great Famine


January 2022

2022 started off well in Room 16! We have a new teacher now, Ms. Meeneghan and we have been showing her how hard of workers we are in Rang a cúig 2! We started off the month making New years resolutions and setting personal goals for the new year. We completed the star reading test and we are looking forward to reaching new targets! Everyone is working very hard with our reading and our new teacher is very impressed with our abilities! We have been learning about some interesting topics in Maths such as Decimals, Problem-Solving and Number Theory. In PE we are doing the dance strand this month so we are all enjoying the Irish dancing each week. We are also working hard in gymnastics and showing how well we can work as part of a team. Every Friday we have Gaeilge Power Hour and this month we are concentrating on the Briathra Neamhrialta.

Here are some other topics we learnt about in January

  • Gaeilge: An Aimsir
  • Maths/STEM: Problem-solving, number theory, using the RUDE method, The Rainforest, Food Chains
  • SPHE: Kindness, Well-being, finding our digital balance
  • History: The Aztecs
  • Geography: South America
  • Music: Wellbeing songs, performing rhythms, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles, Listening and responding
  • Art: Abstract Art, Wellbeing slogan posters, Class Chains (I can, you can)
  • PE: Gymnastics, Dance, Games
  • English: Expositional writing, critical thinking, concrete and abstract nouns

The highlight of the month was definitely Well being Week. The week gave us an opportunity to focus on our own wellbeing and to discuss topics together such as gratitude, connectedness, kindness and self-efficacy. The children loved taking part in various well being activities such as the whole school walk and the board games afternoon. A great month overall in Room16 and a brilliant start to 2022!


December has been a very short month, it absolutely flew by! This month has been all about practising for our Christmas play – learning lines, rehearsals and sewing our own soldier belts. Everyone put a huge amount of effort into the production and the hard work really paid off. You can watch our play below, we hope you enjoy it! When we weren’t rehearsing, we were tackling the difficult subject of Fractions in Maths, completing a Christmas story writing workshop with the author Anthony Garvey and learning lots of An Nollaig vocabulary in Gaeilge.

Well done to everyone in the class for all their work in 2021, it was a very busy term and everyone enjoys a nice break. Happy Christmas everyone!



November kicked off with some awards going to all the children who reached their Accelerated Reading targets, and to Zach and Gabriele for their great work during Maths Week. We had a few sessions of GAA which everyone loved, and started Zumba classes with Audrey. These classes ended with a dance competition, where the class made up their own amazing dances. Audrey and I were very impressed with the routines the children came up with, well done! On November 9th, ten members of the class took part in Gaeilge 24, where they raised money and made a huge effort to speak Gaeilge all day – maith sibh gach duine!

A big highlight of the month was the finale of Marathon Kids, which we ran in the park. Over the last 8 weeks the children have run or walked a total of 42.195km – a very impressive achievement! Well done to everyone, I hope you all try to keep up the great fitness you’ve built up.

Here are some of the other things we did in November:
Literacy: Narrative writing and the novel Warhorse
Gaeilge: An Scoil
STEM: Sound Experiments, Website creation with HTML, 2D shapes, Lines & Angles
History: World War 1
Geography: Europe
PE: Zumba, GAA

Art: WW1 art & play props

Well done to November award winners Fagr, Hayley & Oisín!


What a busy month October was! We kicked off the month with Marathon Kids – a programme 5th class are participating in to run the distance of a marathon over 8 weeks. The effort levels have been fantastic so far so keep up the hard work! During Maths week (October 18th-22nd) we had some fun maths lessons indoors and took part in a really challenging maths trail around the school astro. Jersey/pyjama day was on October 15th and our class raised €56 for Make a Wish Foundation. We finished the half term with a great dress up day where everyone was positively spooky! I hope everyone has a great mid term, see you all in November!
Here’s some of the other things we did this month:
Literacy: Recount writing, narrative writing and the novel Warhorse
Gaeilge: Mo Theach
STEM: Fungus (Yeast, Mould & Mushrooms), Coding with Scratch, Long Division, Code breaking & code making, Izak 9 cubes (more info here www.izak9.com)
History: 15th & 16th Century Ireland
Geography: Britain
PE: Orienteering, Outdoor Activities
Music: Ska and Dancehall music & dance (from Jamaica)
Art: Roy Lichenstein & Dia Del Muerto
Marathon Kids – Day 1

Comhghairdeas to October’s merit award winners – Grace, Adam and Luca.


It was lovely to have everyone back in September after a great summer break. We got stuck into work straight away and have been very busy with lots of fun activities! Here’s a snippet of what we’ve been up to this month.

Literacy: Recount writing and the novel Warhorse
Gaeilge: Mé Féin
STEM: Green Schools, Electricity, Coding, Place Value, Data and Multiplication
History: The Industrial Revolution
PE: Basketball, Volleyball and Orienteering
Art: Johannes Vermeer

A huge well done to September’s merit award winners – Caroline, Ruairí and Liam!