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Fifth Class (Ms. Judge)


Science Experiments

We’ve been examining microorganisms, in particular yeast, mould and fungi. We mixed yeast, warm water and sugar together in a bottle and watched the CO2 created make the balloons expand! We also learned how mushrooms release spores from its gills. To see it in action, we took the stalks out of mushrooms and left them face down on a piece of paper for 3 days, and the result was a type of mushroom ‘fingerprint’.

Happy Halloween!

There was superb creativity to be seen in our classroom this year –  fantastic costumes worn by everyone!



Dia Del Meurto Masks

Our Halloween themed art lesson was to create Day of the Dead Masks. We focussed on creating masks that were symmetrical and used at least 3 polygons in the design. The final products looked great!


Let’s Tessellate

It’s all about 2D shapes this week. We’ve been examining the properties of 2D shapes, which shapes tesselate, created our own tessellating patterns, and had fun trying to figure out Tangram puzzles!




Big congratulation to some high achievers in 5th class this week! Well done to Marta who won a bronze medal in Judo, and to Matthew, Anna & Oisín who were awarded with Mathematicians of the Week for their excellent work during Maths Week.


Mock Presidential Elections

With the presidential elections coming up, 5th & 6th class decided to hold a mock election to see who we think should become the new president. It was a very official affair with a register of electors, ballot paper and ballot boxes. We then conducted the count together, learning all about how proportional representation works. Finally we made pie charts showing our results. It turns out that we predicted the winner, as the students of HCNS voted for Michael D Higgins!


Co-operative & Class Games

Our class have been having loads of fun in P.E.! We’ve been trying to work together to solve problems in our cooperative games, and also player our new class favourite – Rock, paper, scissors hula hoop game (catchy name eh!).


Maths Week Mystery Trail

As part of maths week, we went outside in the sunshine to complete a maths trail – Mystery at Eagleton Castle! Teams found clues and worked together to solve the puzzle and find out who released the eagle from the tower!


School Garden

Last week we had a session in the school garden with Patrick. We spread some manure into the beds and talked about the flowers that are in bloom at the moment. While half the class were in the garden, the other half completed a maths orienteering trail (to link in with our orienteering in PE at the moment). We then swapped activities so that everyone got to do both! It was great to see so many of the class really interested in the garden’s produce, asking Patrick lots of intelligent questions about the plants and flowers in the garden.


Can you build a parallel circuit? We can!

The atmosphere was electric (sorry!) in 5th class when we were learning about electricity and how to build circuits. After constructing simple circuits and series circuits, our task was to figure out how to make a parallel circuit. We had great fun building circuits, and afterwards we tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators of electricity.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Our whole-school art theme this term is architecture. We looked at the Art Nouveau period and in particular the work of famous architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We learned out to draw the well know ‘Mackintosh Rose’ and created these stained glass windows using watercolours.


This month we’re learning all about orienteering in PE. We’re learning all about reading maps, finding controls and the essential skill of teamwork!





To start the school year, we’ve been looking at the theme of ‘respect’. We discussed what it means to us and how we can show respect to everyone around us.


R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me!




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