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Fifth Class 1 (Ms Ryan)

Fáilte go Rang a Cúig (1) 2021- 22 😃


You are all very welcome to our class page!  Make sure to check in regularly to get an insight into some of the activities that we do in Fifth Class! 😃



Art – Johannes Vermeer

We examined the art of Johannes Vermeer who was a 17th century Dutch artist. He was renowned for depicting scenes of daily life in interior settings. 5th class studied one of his most famous paintings- the Girl with a Pearl Earring. First they traced the drawing using pencil and then colored and shaded it in using oil pastels.


History- The Industrial Revolution

5th class were busy learning about the Industrial Revolution in Britain (1760-1820) during the last few weeks. Each pod researched a different topic to do with the Industrial Revolution including The Spinning Jenny, The Davy Lamp, Edward Cartwright and living conditions and the spread of disease during this period in England.



Science- Electricity

5th class had lots of fun learning about the different aspects of electricity. We read about the dangers of electricity, we investigated the differences between a series circuit and a parallel circuit and created circuits showing the differences. We also tested different items such as wood, tin foil and glass to see if they were conductors or insulators of electricity.