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Sixth Class (Mr.Carty)

Téarma 3

Mí Aibreáin

6th class got April off to a flying start and have been very busy so far.  We have started our athletics lessons with our coach Dónal on Friday mornings and Science week was a roaring success.  Much thanks to Ms Harkin for organising all of our events for us.  A huge well done to Rang a Ceathair for their wonderfully detailed experiment presentations showcasing the marvellous volcanoes that they made, maith sibh!

Seachtain na hEolaíochta 2017/18

A massive well done and go raibh maith agaibh to all those who helped make Science week so rewarding!

Task-dog/ Mobility-dog Workshop

One of our highlights of the week was Fifi the rescue dog!  Such an interesting and informative talk from Ms. Cadogan.  We hope Fifi got lots of treats after her hard work in school on Thursday last week!




Design Workshop

Ms. Duggan gave us a wonderfully informative lesson regarding design and technology in our society and how we all have the potential to be designers.






The children were asked to describe their journey to school in immense detail…




The children were then tasked with exploring how they could improve their journey to school.







Some of the ideas were fantastic, well done to all of our sixth class pupils!



Corpoideachas – Aclaíocht- Rith

Our warmups involved high knees, walking on the balls of our feet, jogging and sprinting to different coloured cones when called.

We focused on our form during the relay races and endeavoured to keep our toes pointing forward when running.

Rith sealaíochta

The relay running became more challenging as we increased the distance.

The judges will have an unenviable task on their hands at this year’s sports day as the children of 6th class are incredibly fast and agile!

Téarma 2

Mí an Mhárta

The children did some fantastic work on weather, the climate and clouds this term.  We made lots of necessary journeys outside and rounded it all off by making anemometers and rain gauges.  Well done to Mr Williams’ group who showed fantastic scientific skills in their reading, recording and interpreting of data.  There was high pressure in places but the children succeeded tremendously!  Have we got our next Teresa Mannion/ Gerry Murphy among us?

Nearly there, adding two more vanes to catch the breeze.


Having a quick test.








The basic structure of our anemometers










The finished articles!  Well done everyone!


We then took our weather tools outside to test them…


Some of the boys thought that a rain dance would help put our tools to the test!









In Mathematics, we began to examine computational thinking through coding.  Thanks to the expertise of Ms. Stone, many of our children are well accustomed to this type of problem solving.  Although Mr. Carty struggled, the children flew through today’s exercise!  Well done to the two boys who got on to level 3 section 6!




Mí Feabhra

The children were focusing on landscape art for term 2 and the watercolour landscapes that they produced were incredible!  Wonderful paintings of Galway bay.


The children were very busy during February with many of them preparing for their Service of Light and Confirmation.  A big thank you to Fr. Alex for all of his guidance, support and prayers.  A huge congratulations to the boys and girls of sixth class.  Their hard work, preparation and behaviour was impeccable and they are a credit to themselves and their parents.  Comhgairdeas libh!

The children made posters asking that the Holy Spirit intercedes in their lives:

“Come Holy Spirit!”

Mí Eánair

At the beginning of the month our focus in art was on depth.  We used the artist Michael Craig-Martin as our inspiration, drawing on his still life work.  Come upstairs and look at the display of the wonderful compositions designed by our budding artists!


Téarma 1

Mí na Nollag

Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Rang a 6!


6th class got really active during their last Zumba dance lesson!


The boys vs girls dance-off produced an interesting result…


Well done boys!  Better luck next time, girls!


Mí na Samhna


Sofia made an absolutely wonderful comic strip to explain the life cycle of the wasp.  Well done Sofia!!

Sixth class studied wasps, their life cycle and their habitat.

Mí Dheireadh an Fhómhair

Our 6th class showed up looking very sporty for the non-uniform day:

An amazing effort was made by all!


6th class examined lines and angles during Maths this week.  Some fantastic posters were made to explain their knowledge and understanding.

Some of our sixth class pupils created posters to explain the lines and angles that we studied in Maths.  Maith sibh!

Mí Mhean an Fhómhair


We created Celtic crosses and experimented with celtic weaves and patterns.  Our pupils created four extremely unique and exciting pieces of art.




Sixth class studied the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement and the beginning of The Troubles.

The projects and posters were incredibly detailed and a great deal of effort was made by all the pupils.


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