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Sixth Class 2 (Ms. Moriarty)

Welcome to 6th class.

Science Week: STEM in a Box

We learned about the building blocks of life – cells! We looked at how animal, plant and bacteria cells are the same and different and each group created a model of a cell using clay.

World Trip in Maths

COVID may be keeping us in Ireland for the time being but when we can travel again we are well prepared after practicing exchanging money, budgeting for tourist attractions, souveniers and meal and calculating VAT in maths class last week.

Christmas Concert:


Orienteering and Maths 

We did a maths trail around the astroturf.


Gaeilge Games


December Awards

 For his excellent performance as Jack in the Xmas play, for her beautiful presentation of her work                           and his fantastic work on his WW2 project and book report!  Well done All!

November Awards

For his kindness and caring towards another student, for her excellent effort in all subjects and for his kindness and caring towards his fellow students!!