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Sixth Class 1 (Mr.Carty)

Term 1 has got off to a flying start in Rang a Sé (1)!!

The children studied the lungs and respiratory system, producing posters and incredible presentations.

Ag Vótáil

The children were introduced to the process of proportional representation.  The children researched the candidates for the preseidential election, cast their votes and we analysed the results.





The votes are in!



…Lots to be thought about…


And the results are in…



Seachtain na Matamaitice 2018

For Maths Week 2018 our class examined lines and angles and even attempted to recreate the leaning tower of Pisa.


The children had to test their towers at different angles without it falling over.  We used our protractors to carefully measure our angles.







For our science experiment this month we followed on our work on magnetism by making our own compasses.


Report Writing

The children planned, drafted and published wonderful reports on the crow family.  Some members of this species can be seen regularly around your homes and our school grounds.  How many can you recognise?


How many members of the crow family are there and can you name them all?


Before Halloween we consolidated our learning on lines and angles.


How many different types of angle can you name?



6th class 1 made an excellent effort with their halloween costumes.  Here are two of the best efforts:


The children of Rang 6 worked hard on their Art theme for Term 1, architecture.  The children planned, discussed and designed their very own cities.  They took into consideration energy, efficiency of travel, cost, land use, aesthetics and purpose.


Mí na Samhna

We kicked off the second half of the term with work on fractions and decimals.

Equivalency and simplifying fractions was our first big challenge…

…and whilst there had been some doubters…

…it was smiles all round in the end!


Our next even bigger challenge was dividing and multiplying fractions…

…but of course, grúpa gorm managed comfortably!

Mí na Nollag


Who knew we had such talented dancers?

Some of our children were leading their class and their groups!

Damhsa Gaelach, rehearsals, Amhrán na bhFiann, Senior concert, making christmas trees and snowflakes and measuring perimeter, December was a busy month.


A huge thank you to all the children and parents of 6th Class 1 for making Term 1 such a success! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rinne cuid de na páistí cárta Nollag galánta dom!  Such a lovely, thoughtful gift from the children and a wonderful surprise carol sung to me.  Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

Nollaig shona daoibh agus athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go léir!

Téarma 2

This year is absolutely flying by.  Term 2 has gone extremely well so far with lots of interesting activities taking place.

Ag déanamh Damhsa Céilí!








Rinne na páistí as rang 6 trí damhsa éagsúla.

Our class also studied Light examining reflection and refraction






Part of work was designing and making periscopes…



All in all it was a very enlightening experience…









How good are your problem solving skills?  Do you think you could take on the might of our resident draughts master in Rang 6 (1)?  This young man proved that he was more than a match for Mr. Carty.

Our class began work on still images in Drama.  Each group had a scenario from World War 2 to enact.  The characters were then asked questions and other groups had to guess where or what was happening in the still image.

Can you match the photo to the scenario?

A.  Evacuees being separated from their families.

B.  Prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

C.  D-Day in Normandy.

D.  Neville Chamberlain informs listeners that he has declared war on Nazi Germany.





Irish Art and Individual Projects

Irish Watercolour Landscapes


Personalised Irish Manuscript Lettering













Many of our boys and girls chose to research and report on a topic that interests them…



















A huge congratulations to all of the 6th class children who received their Sacrament of Confirmation.

All of our 6th class pupils carried themselves exceptionally well on the day and were a shining example to their peers.  They have made their parents, sponsors and school extremely proud.