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Junior Einsteins


Our Junior Einsteins Science Programme finished up in third class at the end of November. Twenty two pupils attended nine sessions over three months and focused on a range of topics which included –

Electricity: Plasma ball (lighting up the light sabre) and Van der Graff Generator (Electrocuting Barbie Doll)

Slime: Long chain polymerisation and non-Newtonian Fluids (with bring home slime for all children)

Somewhere over the Rainbow (where do Rainbows come from, Newton Spectrum)-brought home Rainbow Glasses

How fossils are made (Dinosaur or Monster?) ma-de their own Fossils

Density – why do some liquids not mix (they brought home Lava Lamp)

We hope the children enjoyed their sessions. They will have a further eight sessions in fourth class looking at another range of topics and expanding their science and engineering knowledge.


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in our school as we achieved our second Discovery Primary Science and Maths Plaque!!!