About Us

Mission Statement

The highest standards of behaviour, work and effort are expected from each of our pupils. In Harold’s Cross Primary School we want every child to be happy. Through guidance and support, we hope that each child will do his/her best, be fair and respectful to others, learn to make the right choices and strive to realise his/her potential in every area of his/her life – socially, morally, educationally, physically and spiritually.

We acknowledge that parents are the primary carers of their children and as partners in education, we need and encourage their involvement and support. As teachers of your child, we have a positive and open attitude and wish to nurture an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and understanding. We recognise that each child is unique and it is our hope and vision to cherish, nurture and develop that uniqueness. We value your feedback and look forward to working with you.

Principal: Bernadette Kehoe
Vice-Principal: Breeda Boland