School Reopens: Thursday, August 27th see the Covid-Response Plan below for assembly and dismissal times for each class.

August 2020 Newsletter

Covid Plan for Parents

A reminder that along with the items on the booklist each child should have sanitizer and tissues/ wipes with them in school each day.

When the time comes, here are some tips and a short story to help parents to deal with any anxiety in your children going back to school.


Please note that the Admissions Notice and updated Religion Policy has been added to the Policies section on the Parents Page


Please go to the Parents Page for School Booklists for the upcoming year.

Link for our School Calendar for the next academic year: 2020 – 2021 School Calendar

List of registration details (date, time, place, cost) for all After School Activities 2020-21

Secondary Schools News: Please note that both Presentation College Terenure (co-ed) and St Louis High school Rathmines (girls) are both feeder secondary schools for Harold’s Cross N.S.

Please click and download our list of Secondary schools in the area.If you cannot download it ask Elizabeth for a copy .(

secondary schools list

SOAPER HEROES by Roisín Brennan and some of her classmates from Senior Infants

Do you wonder why it is so important to wash your hands with soap and warm water? Why is using soap so important? What is the science behind it all? Check out the AMAZING work put together by some of our Senior Infants students while working at home.

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