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Congratulations to all our wonderful, talented pupils who took part in this year’s Harold’s Cross Has Talent competition! Click on the picture below to see all of the acts in action.

Graduation 2019

Our WONDERFUL 6th classes graduated on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Below are the video slideshows prepared for the ceremonies to commemorate their time with us in HCNS. We wish them all every success in secondary school and we hope that they all come back to visit us next year.


We had some prehistoric visitors to Harolds Cross NS this week!

Helping Kids to Have a Balance when it comes to Technology

There is a very good article from Zeeko Supporting children’s online wellbeing regarding the use of technology and a balanced use of our children’s time.  The article gives ideas on how to help your child have a better balance for their plugged and unplugged time. Click here to access the article.

New Policy Updates

The latest Agreed Report for the Board of Management is available here.

Parents can find the updated Internet Acceptable Use Policy and the new Restraint Policy on the School Policies Page here.

Child Safeguarding Review

The Board of Management hereby notifies all parents that a review has taken place of the school’s Child Safeguarding Policy. The review took place on January 17th at the Board meeting. The P.T.A has been informed of the review and the school’s Patron notified.

The school email address is office@haroldscrossns.ie